Why We Need Video Surveillance in the Monitoring Center

Cameras have been used as security resources since they were invented. However, they were often underutilized because continuous monitoring feeds are extremely resource-intensive. However, through integration with alarm monitoring and the continued improvement of analytics, video can now be used as a more proactive tool to improve the response to security events in real-time. Using cameras for verification is one of the reasons why we need video surveillance in the monitoring center.

Video Verification of Alarms

Alarms allow security personnel to automate the monitoring of their assets and thresholds. With a strong alarm monitoring system, security teams do not need to actively watch camera feeds or patrol every secure area. Instead, they can be alerted when an incident occurs.

Unfortunately, multiple things can trigger an alarm and cause a false positive response. By adding video verification, the dispatching team can ensure that the alarm detected a true positive and wasn’t caused by a malfunctioning device, an animal, or even the wind. This is important for a few reasons:

  • Faster Response: Law enforcement responds more quickly to verified alarms. This priority response means that by using camera verification, you are adding significant value to your business. Security events can be addressed more efficiently, which often leads to better results.
  • More Situational Information: It is easier to ensure that the right resources are dispatched if you have more information about the current situation.
  • Greater Efficiency: Verification helps you to avoid responding to false positives. That means that you can focus only on genuine incidents, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

Simplify Video Verification

Bold’s Manitou alarm monitoring system features the Video Control Center module. This powerful feature offers integration of alarm and camera monitoring. With a single system, dispatching and centralized control are easier. Additionally, Manitou’s powerful automation tools help to ensure that your team can improve responses, communicate more efficiently, and offer superior security.

Integration means that all your security resources can “talk” to each other. Additionally, operators only need to work with one system instead of juggling multiple servers and logins. When your alarm signal comes in, the video is already attached to it for the operator to open and view. This helps reduce costs and minimize errors.

ONVIF-Compliant Alarm Monitoring

Manitou’s Video Control Center is ONVIF-compliant, giving you the ability to connect to other quality, ONVIF-compliant devices from top surveillance camera manufacturers without the cost and labor associated with multiple integrations. ONVIF isn an open standard used by the security industry to make physical security products more interoperable. Manitou’s VCC is ONVIF-certified and compliant with S, T, and G profiles.

  • Profile S: This relates to the control of basic streaming video data. It allows for movement (pan/tilt/zoom) controls, audio and metadata streaming, and relay outputs.
  • Profile T: This profile takes things a step further with support for imaging control, onscreen display, motion alarm events, and more. It also enhances some of the specifications for Profile S functionality.
  • Profile G: This profile relates to devices that can configure, request, or control video recording. It also contains specifications for the support of receiving audio and metadata stream, should the device feature them.

Manitou’s Video Control Center with ONVIF compliance means you have access to a broad range of integrations for a cost-effective video management system with interoperability, flexibility, and quality.

With the open standards and the continued expansion mission of the ONVIF organization, you are practically guaranteed future-proofing for your VMS and near-endless integration possibilities for your company.

Achieve Superior Security With Manitou

Bold is proud to offer alarm monitoring and video integration through Manitou and our Video Control Center module. Using cameras to verify alarm activations is a simple and effective way to enhance your security operations. Whether you are providing in-house security or function as a contracted, third-party service, these tools can improve your results. Contact us to learn more about our solutions or request a free demo.