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Alarm Monitoring Software Solutions
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Our alarm monitoring software is designed to monitor and manage security alarms and surveillance systems. It serves as a central hub that receives, analyzes, and responds to alerts triggered by various security devices, such as intrusion detection sensors, motion detectors, fire alarms, and video surveillance cameras. 

The Bold Group’s suite of products supports critical services that ensure the safety and security of life and property by enhancing security and providing real-time situational awareness. It enables constant surveillance of a designated area or facility, allowing operators or security personnel to identify and respond to potential threats or emergencies quickly. The software integrates with various security hardware and devices to gather data and generate notifications when specific events or triggers occur.


Stages alarm monitoring software is the ultimate enterprise-grade solution designed to meet your unique needs. Trusted by the largest and most complex monitoring centers worldwide, Stages drives growth, reduces alarm handling times, and delivers exceptional monitoring services. Experience comprehensive security management with real-time alerts, intuitive interfaces, and advanced reporting capabilities.

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Optimize operations and expedite response times with Manitou, a state-of-the-art alarm monitoring solution. Benefit from real-time alerts, user-friendly dashboards, and advanced analytics for streamlined alarm management. Its flexible interface and robust features ensure seamless security monitoring, event processing, and efficient dispatch. Expand your offerings and boost revenue with extensive product integrations and add-on modules.

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