Sedona-X Mobile™

The financial management software designed
for security companies has gone mobile

Swipe credit cards and manage work orders, appointments, invoices, customer accounts, and more. All in your hand.

Simply put: You won’t be able to find a better accounting and business management mobile app than Sedona-X Mobile. The app is produced and backed by Bold Group, providing you the mobile power to manage customer data, work orders, tasks, and appointments. And with Sedona-X’s credit card swiping ability, you are truly mobile with the ability to manage orders from start to finish in the field.

Sedona-X Mobile is Bold Group’s new financial management app that integrates with the powerful AlarmBiller software. Help your team be more productive with in-field access, and boost your revenue with easy payment options.

Sedona-X Mobile gives you complete customer,
financial and billing management in the field. You
can have account visibility on the go, schedule
appointments, and process payments in the field
through an optional, PCI-compliant, Bluetooth credit
card swipe from Forte.

Use Sedona-X Mobile on your iOS or Android device
and feel secure with the built-in biometric security