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An Enterprise-Level Solution Trusted by Over 15,000 Users

The security industry’s most dominant organizations trust SedonaOffice to run and operate their businesses. The robust features and functionality of SedonaOffice equip industry-leading organizations to streamline operations, increase RMR, and grow business.

Full Accounting Capabilities

Take control of your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger with the tools to streamline invoicing through reporting.

Service and Scheduling

Effectively manage installations, inventory, and expenses. Track ongoing service, and schedule and dispatch technicians with ease.

Robust Reporting

Run custom queries to generate the specific, detailed reports you need in order to make informed financial and operational decisions.

All the features you need to power your business. All in one place.

Still using multiple programs to handle your company’s accounting and operations? SedonaOffice eliminates the time wasted jumping back and forth between non-integrating platforms and streamlines internal processes by centralizing all facets of your business. SedonaOffice is fully loaded with a suite of powerful tools to meet the needs of your entire organization. Explore the functionality of our standard core modules then imagine how they could take your business to the next level.

Sedona Setup

The Sedona Setup module makes the setup and management of your SedonaOffice application simple. Using the start-up wizard, Sedona Setup will walk you through all the setup tables needed to use and operate SedonaOffice effectively to achieve the results you desire.

Accounts Payable

Managing your Accounts Payable is simple with SedonaOffice. The complete Purchase Order and Receipts integration with the Inventory Management system makes processing and organizing your payables fast and efficient. Paying bills, writing checks and processing any type of vendor transactions are all handled within the Accounts Payable module.

Job Management

Allows you to track and manage all your installations. Complete integration with the Inventory module means that all parts used on each job are tracked and either expensed when used or held in Work-in-Process until such time as the revenue is recognized. All expenses for each job are tracked in the Job Costing utility, including parts, labor, commissions, equipment, contractors, overhead/burden allocation and any other related job expenses. Since all data collection is real-time, you can determine any job’s profitability at any time during or after the installation.

Report Manager

SedonaOffice includes nearly every report you’ll need to manage your business. From sales reports and financial statements through service management and job profitability reports, the Report Manager makes reporting simple and effective.

Client Management

Contains all the tools to manage your customer base, from creating new customers using the New Customer Wizard through the Collections Management and Cancellation Tracking utilities. The RMR Rate Change utility allows you to globally increase your customers’ recurring revenue based on the rules and conditions you specify. The Master Account Management functionality gives you superior tools to manage your large multi-site customers. The Customer Explorer allows you to manage and access your clients’ information. In one step, you have complete access to the entire customer database, allowing you to provide the service your customers demand.

General Ledger

The General Ledger is the heart and soul of the SedonaOffice application. All financial transactions are processed in real time and can be immediately reported. User-definable accounting periods within the General Ledger application provide greater flexibility for creating financial reports. You can track your deferred revenues, balance and reconcile your bank accounts, audit your general ledger account balances and create one-time or recurring journal entries.

Inventory Management

This core module makes tracking all your parts a breeze. SedonaOffice supports unlimited warehouses and vehicles. Given the complete integration with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Service & Inspections and Job Management, the process of ordering, tracking and invoicing for parts is simple and straightforward. The Physical Inventory capability streamlines the process of counting your warehouse parts, and the Parts Repair feature takes the frustration out of the tracking of repair orders.

Vivid CPM Basic

Vivid CPM (Corporate Performance Management) is a Financial Reporting and Analysis solution for presenting and reviewing Financial Statements. Vivid CPM sits within your Microsoft Excel program, and provides a state-of-the-art reporting framework that delivers incredible processing speed, along with easy to use features. It transforms Microsoft Excel into a secure presentation and analysis workspace, powered by a fast SQL Server reporting engine, and providing drill-down and analysis capabilities.

Accounts Receivable

This core module includes the functionality to manage and process your invoices and payments. The Cycle Invoicing utility is used to generate your recurring revenue invoices. The EFT Processing feature allows you to manage and collect both ACH and Credit Card transactions. Receiving and posting payments, either manually or via a Lockbox, is a snap using the Payments Processing component.

Service & Inspections

Ongoing service and inspection tracking is essential. With this core module, you can easily create, schedule and dispatch all your customers’ service requests. SedonaOffice maintains warranty and service-level rate plans based on the installation of each system or piece of equipment. Using the Service Ticket Queue, you’ll be able to easily manage the complete work flow and status of all your open service and inspection work. Complete integration with the Inventory and Accounts Receivable modules makes tracking parts used and creating invoices for completed work a simple process.

Customer Query Builder

Complete access to your customer data is always at your fingertips with the Customer Query Builder. Using standard data selection criteria and sorting tools, you can report on every aspect of your customer database. Use the Customer Query Builder to create customer lists, open invoice aging reports, service analysis reports or nearly any other view of data you can imagine. All data can easily be exported and used in Microsoft Excel, Access or other data mining tools.

Dashboard & Analytics

The Dashboard & Analytics module offers a robust, customizable display of your company’s key metrics. An expansive library of graphs, charts, and other visualizations allows you to choose the way you view information, making it easier than ever to understand data trends and assess the health of your business.

SedonaOffice is an expandable platform, so you can add new functionality as needed. Whether it’s tools for technicians in the field, or a portal for customers to manage their own account, you can find the additional features you need in our add-on modules.

Quality Comes Standard with SedonaOffice

From implementation management at no additional cost, to ongoing support from our dedicated Customer Care Team, investing in SedonaOffice means investing in quality service – not just software.

Each new SedonaOffice client is assigned a SedonaOffice Project Manager who is responsible to assist and work with you through the entire implementation as you go live.

Consulting services to assist in optimizing business processes and best usage of SedonaOffice.

Standard training includes administrative and application training classes customized to meet the needs of each new customer.

All users are covered under our Premier Level Support plan. We provide only the highest level of service and support to all our clients.

Data conversion services to assist in the migration of your existing data into the SedonaOffice database format.

Implementation and setup services for computers, network, operating system and database management
system design.

On Premises or Hosted in the Cloud? The Choice is Yours.

SedonaOffice Cloud Services offers a hosted version of the SedonaOffice software, so you can have the same industry-leading software with less cost and IT maintenance.

"Our business is growing at a very fast rate, so we need robust systems and access to our data in order to maintain our growth. Without SedonaOffice our business wouldn’t be able to expand and we wouldn’t have the tools to effectively manage our growth and continue with efficient day-to-day operations for our existing clients."

James Orvis – President, Security Solutions

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