Security Intelligence

Network Navigator

Proactively improve IT service delivery. No more costly and timely IT dispatching.

Network Navigator is a secure IT device that connects you to your customers’ networked devices – even if you don’t control their network. Remotely and securely monitor device health and availability via VPN. Assure equipment availability. Send alert notifications to customers when a device is down. Provide remote support. And so much more.


backStage is supported by the Open Threat Exchange, so you can rest assured that your network is protected against all the latest threats.

The Bold backStage server is your backbone for layered cybersecurity. Start with the managed firewall to block all known intrusions. Then activate the Bold Network Intrusion Detection System. (NIDS) employs Deep Packet Inspection to thwart known attack signatures behind the firewall.


You can’t afford a Chief Information Security Officer. You can afford the Bold vCISO

vCISO reduces your network vulnerabilities. Quarterly network vulnerability scans – powered by stages – detect your vulnerabilities. Our Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) consultant produces a detailed technical report of the vulnerability scan. This comes with an executive summary of all threats and recommendations.
We prioritize recommendations and you decide which vulnerabilities need attention and money.