With Bold backStage, compliance is your asset. Maximize uptime, enhance your service, and protect your network – all while ensuring your regulatory compliance.

Hardening Networks and Enabling Compliance

backStage makes regulatory compliance easy by providing a tailorable floating IP service, a Network Intrusion Detection Service, and a Managed Firewall. With Bold backStage, you can ensure reliable life-safety services while bolstering compliance.

High Availability

UL 827 mandates 99.9% availability in a 12-month period. ipDirector has exceeded 99.999% availability since its inception in 2009.

Network Intrusion Detection

Open Threat Exchange partnership means NIDS detects and alerts you on the latest attack signatures, even Zero-Day threats.


NIDS can be configured to alert you when activity affects your compliance strategy, such as when unencrypted data leaves your network.

Managed Firewall

Securing your business’ vital assets is critical. Leverage the Bold Managed Firewall service to maintain security patches.

From the Bold ipDirector floating IP service to the managed Network Intrusion Detection System, Bold backStage is completely tailorable to fit your needs.

  • 24/7 customer service and support
  • Open ports per IP address
  • IP addressing based on customer requirements
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • BGP routing provides best routing and realtime failover
  • Fully redundant data centers (East and West coast)
  • Two Tier-1 carriers at each data center
  • Optional IP address range blocking (foreign addresses)

Other Providers

  • Single Port per IP Address
  • No Portability
  • No Real-Time Failover
  • No Monitoring
  • Limited ISP based support
Network Intrusion Detection System
  • Sniffs for the latest attack signatures, even the most recent Zero-Day threats
  • Detects and alerts on network intrusions
  • Bold NOC engineers verify all events and provide notifications based on a predefined action plan
  • Customized to your monitor your policies
  • Provides reporting and history
  • Customer Portal provides dashboards, monitoring, and reporting
  • Provides documentation for audits
  • 24/7 support
  • Maintenance and updates included
Managed Firewall
  • Protects against hackers, viruses and worms
  • Stops outgoing traffic caused by an infection
  • Policy routing capabilities
  • Supports multiple ISPs

Interface shows:

  • Firewall users
  • Resource utilization
  • Capacity bandwidth

The Bold ipDirector is a floating IP service – no hardware installation is required.
NIDS and the Managed Firewall services that come packaged with the backStage 1U server. You choose the services you need, we manage them.


Automatic failover ensures maximum uptime, reliable life-safety services, and UL regulatory compliance.

NIDS Deployment

To be UL compliant, let the firewall do its job first. Tap internal firewall interfaces with NIDS:

  • #1 mirror uplink from DMZ
  • #2 mirror uplink from internal networks