An Alarm Monitoring Platform for the Modern Central Station

State of the Art Technology

Manitou is a flexible and expandable alarm monitoring software with a newly re-designed user interface and features that attract the modern central station. The technology driving Manitou is the most advanced in the security software industry.

Modern Web Technology

The web-based interface is easy for dispatchers to navigate and is accessible from workstations, laptops, and tablets.

Customizable Dashboards

Dispatchers can create their own customized dashboards to quickly view statistics most important to their daily tasks.

Dynamic Alarm Handling

Alarm handling instructions include scripts and prompts for dispatchers which can change depending on the alarm handling situation.

Let us show you why Manitou is the best choice for your alarm monitoring software

Web Browser Technology

Manitou was built in HTML 5 and utilizes web-based technology and works with either local or cloud-based systems.

64-bit Architecture

Used for all Manitou applications; 64-bit processors can use more memory, have greater capacity, and distinctly faster processing.

Customizable Dashboards

The Dashboard displays key statistics at a glance, including alarm/signal queue, signal status counts, database usage and much more.

Video Control Center

The Manitou VCC was developed as its own application and Integrates alarm handling and video into one system.

Device Independence

Accessible from a variety of devices including laptops, and tablets; remote or field staff can access Manitou through their existing devices.


To ensure flexibility for our large development community, Manitou was released with the REST API and will continue support for the SOAP API.

Enhanced Action Patterns

Ensure consistent Alarm Handling with Action Patterns that use logic to deliver step-by-step instructions for consistency.

Telephony Integration

Manitou is integrated with the Aeonix PBX System which ties alarms and incoming calls together for more efficient alarm handling.

Dynamic Screens

Designed to be smart about the screen it uses, it will dynamically reorganize its content to use the space it has most efficiently.

Simplified Data Entry

Ensure accurate data entry using the Customer Wizard which leads data entry personnel through an easily-navigated process.

Updated Mapping Solution

Built right into the application; five leading mapping services are supported: Google, Bing, MapQuest, Mapbox, and OpenStreetMap.

Communication Center*

Send emails, texts, or notifications to customers during alarm handling and while on the phone with a customer. *In Development*

Manitou is an expandable platform, so you can offer new services and increase RMR with an extensive list of product integrations and add-on modules.

Manitou is UL Ready

Changes in UL 1981 Revision 3 and UL 827 8th Edition affect nearly all monitoring stations in some way. Manitou includes features implemented specifically for compliance with these new requirements. Some of the new features include:

Manitou monitors RAM usage, CPU percentages, server NIC and hard drive

A MEW report can be generated to determine number of servers or instances required

The system prohibits passwords which do not meet UL requirements

Manitou will identify a “runaway” system and
its details

“Manitou has given us a level of control we never had before. The problems that used to keep me up at night have been addressed by the feature sets we now have available to us. We absolutely made the right decision by choosing Manitou…”

Paul Crawford – General Manager, JD Security

See it in action

Learn how alarm monitoring centers use Manitou to power their business and increase RMR. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to show you Manitou in action.