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Designed for Efficiency and performance

Bold Group’s Manitou Alarm Monitoring software solutions stand at the forefront of ensuring the safety and security of life and property. Designed as a centralized hub, this powerful software monitors and manages a wide array of security alarms and surveillance systems. Its capabilities extend to intrusion detection sensors, motion detectors, fire alarms, and video surveillance cameras.

Manitou enables constant vigilance over designated areas and facilities. This heightened level of surveillance empowers operators and security personnel to swiftly identify and respond to potential threats or emergencies as they unfold. With its capacity to gather data and automate notifications when specific events or triggers occur, the software ensures that no potential threat goes unnoticed. 

Are you ready to streamline your alarm monitoring without sacrificing functionality? Manitou delivers a robust feature set with plenty of integration options. All the alarm monitoring features you count on in one industry-leading package. 

By harnessing the power of Manitou Alarm Monitoring software, organizations can bolster their security infrastructure, enhance response capabilities, and ultimately safeguard their most important assets—life and property.

Easy to Use

User-friendly, allowing operators to ramp up quickly. Smart action plans make Manitou reliable and efficient.

Available Everywhere

Harness the power of the cloud. Access your dashboards securely anywhere you have an internet connection.

Scalable & Flexible

Complete with a wide range of integration options, Manitou is the ideal solution for a growing security organization.

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The RIGHT security solution.

“Manitou has given us a level of control we never had before. The problems that used to keep me up at night have been addressed by the feature sets we now have available to us. We absolutely made the right decision choosing Manitou.”

– Paul Crawford, General Manager, JD Security

Everything You get with manitou®

Fast Response Times

Respond to incidents quickly and accurately thanks to an intuitive design combined with detailed action patterns.

More Events, More Often

Gather and analyze data from thousands of security devices, allowing you to monitor more events with unrivaled situational awareness.

Exceptional Automation

Automate pre- and post-alarm tasks to reduce operator workload and ensure consistently accurate resolution.

UL Ready

Ensure your central station is fully UL-compliant, including the most recent changes in UL 1981 Revision 3, UL 827 8th Edition and ULC (Canada).

Whatever Your Needs, There's a Manitou solution
that's right for you.

Are you ready to streamline your alarm monitoring without sacrificing functionality? Manitou delivers a robust feature set with plenty of integration options. All the alarm monitoring features you count on in one industry-leading package.


A flexible and expandable alarm monitoring software with a redesigned user interface.

Host your operations in the cloud via a fully redundant UL-certified data center.

A PSIM solution to provide complete control through a single platform.

Perfect for universities, gated communities, and corporate proprietary monitoring centers.

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Manitou Delivers World-Class Alarm Monitoring

Precise Action Patterns

Optimize operator efficiency and resolve incidents quickly and accurately with Manitou’s industry-leading action patterns.

Video Control Center

The intuitive Video Control Center (VCC) integrates alarm handling and video into one easy-to-use platform.

Comprehensive APIs

Manitou’s comprehensive range of APIs allows the system to integrate with leading audio and video hardware, PBX systems, databases, and geolocation programs.

Vast Expansion Options

Manitou is designed to allow for growth. We offer a wide range of integration modules.

Integration and Add-ons

Manitou is a flexible, expandable platform. You can offer new services as your business grows, allowing for more ways to increase RMR. Not only that, but our list of product integrations and add-on modules is always expanding.

Manitou is UL Ready

Changes in UL 1981 Revision 3, UL 827 8th Edition and ULC affect nearly all monitoring stations in some way. Manitou includes features implemented specifically for compliance with these new requirements. Some of the new features include:

Manitou monitors RAM usage, CPU percentages, server NIC and hard drive.

A MEW report can be generated to determine number of servers or instances required.

The system prohibits passwords which do not meet UL requirements.

Manitou will identify a “runaway” system and its details.

How Manitou is Shaping the Alarm Monitoring Industry

It’s one thing to read a high-level summary of how Manitou delivers superior alarm handling. It’s another thing to see it in action. Feel free to help yourself to case studies of our past success, as well as a summary of our top features.

Case Study: Kings III

Kings III needed one consolidated platform to process data without modifying their existing receivers.

Case Study: National Nonprofit

When a national nonprofit organization needed a security monitoring solution, they knew to call Bold Group.

Product Information

Manitou is a comprehensive alarm monitoring software program for the physical security space.

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