Manitou Cloud Services

Cloud-Based Alarm Monitoring Software

Powerful Alarm Monitoring Package Hosted in a UL Certified Data Center

With Manitou Cloud Services, you have the full power of Manitou with less cost and IT maintenance. All major hardware is hosted in Bold Group’s UL Listed Cloud data center, so all you need is Internet access, workstations, and desktop phones. You simply login to your Manitou system via a secure internet connection to handle signals and alarms – your operators will not even see a difference.

Complete Alarm Monitoring

Manitou Cloud Services | Platform as a Service includes the Manitou alarm monitoring software, PBX system, receivers, and PRI’s, so minimal hardware is required.

Redundant Data Centers

Bold’s data center in Colorado Springs, CO is a UL-Listed, SSAE 16 Type II compliant facility. We also have a second data center in Los Angeles, CA.

Multiple Cloud Options

We offer multiple Manitou Cloud Services packages, ranging from full PaaS to more basic Disaster Recovery options to meet new UL requirements.

A New Evolution in Security

Manitou Cloud Services provides customers with the necessary infrastructure to operate their alarm center, either in part or in entirety, through a secure online interface.

A Complete Monitoring Center

Includes the Manitou alarm monitoring software, Aeonix PBX system, several industry-standard receivers, telecom lines, and third-party software such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, and GoDaddy SSL Certificates.

High Level of Security

Bold Group’s data center meets all UL requirements and resides in a fully-staffed, 24/7, Level 4, SSAE 16 Type II, HIPAA compliant facility, centrally located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We also have a second, redundant data center located in Los Angeles, California.

Custom Monitoring Solutions

Manitou Cloud Services is unique in the security industry due to its extensive functionality. Virtually the entire Manitou product line can be supported in our hosted environment, including TwoWayVoice, BoldTrak, and the UniversalConnector.

Expedited Implementation Process

Because the infrastructure is already complete and UL-certified, a Manitou Cloud Services solution can be installed and receiving alarms in a fraction of the time required for an on-premises solution.

Less Infrastructure Costs

New central stations receive alarm automation software and most of their infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of starting a traditional center. Central stations due for a hardware refresh often find Manitou Cloud Services a more cost-effective option.

Multiple Cloud Options

Central stations can meet UL 827 redundancy requirements with limited expense. Use this solution to expand your Disaster Recovery to a second monitoring station with only a minimal investment of the basic physical room requirements.

Is Manitou Cloud Services Right for You?

Powered by Bold’s award-winning security automation software

Meets all new UL 827 and UL 1981 requirements

Technical support available 24 hours/day,
7 days/week

Includes free software updates and product upgrades for ManitouNEO

Includes operating system software and required database licenses

Includes servers, receivers, and enterprise-level PBX system

Supports many product integrations for new service and RMR opportunities

Enterprise-class IT infrastructure supported and maintained by Bold Group, CSS, and OneTel


Manitou Cloud Services is available in multiple options ranging from a full Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution to a basic Disaster Recovery solution to meet the new UL requirements for redudancy.

MCS | PaaS

Platform as a Service is a complete package which provides all the technological infrastructure and software needed for your central station, including alarm monitoring software, servers, receivers, PBX system, PRI’s and circuits, operating system software, and database licenses.

MCS | SaaS

Software as a Service package provides the software and servers in the Cloud. This package is for businesses that already have receivers and telecom lines they wish to utilize. This solution includes alarm monitoring software, servers, operating system software, and database licenses.

MCS | Bold Cloud Receiver

The Cloud Receiver package provides receivers and telecom in the Cloud. This package is for businesses that choose to keep their servers, software, and database on-site. This solution includes receivers, PBX system, PRI’s and circuits.


The Disaster Recovery package replicates data from your on-premise Manitou system to the Cloud for failover in the event of an emergency. We also offer a DR 90/10 solution to run 10% of your signals through the Cloud, with immediate failover for the other 90% in the event of an emergency.

“As a startup central station, a Cloud solution just made sense. We did not want a huge investment while creating a brand-new business. Manitou Cloud Services saved us a lot of money in servers and receivers.”

Steven Boddy – Network Administrator/VP, Virtual Managed Solutions

See it in action

Learn why some of the largest central stations use Manitou to power their business and protect over 10 Million customers worldwide. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to show you Manitou Cloud Services in action.