Network Navigator®

Monitor network
device health remotely

Network Navigator is an on-call IT department without the expense of additional personnel. Eliminate device downtime, maintain site performance, increase the efficiency of support services, provide detailed diagnostics, and identify problems in advance of a crisis.

Easy Setup

Simply connect Network Navigator to your network via Ethernet, plug it into a wall socket, and wait for it to set up automatically.

Monitor Devices

Monitor the health and availability of customer devices.

Remote Vendor Support

When customer devices fail, securely access them via VPN. Access remote devices via SSH, telnet, web browser, or remote desktop.

Empowering networks

Enhancing customer support through site access and equipment monitoring.

Vendor Remote Support

  • Deploy Network Navigator on customer premises
  • Securely conduct remote diagnosis and repair via VPN
  • Enable remote firmware/software updates

Content Distribution

  • Enable remote video advertising and content delivery
  • Push data and updates to customer equipment

M2M Data Collection

  • Remote machine data collection
  • Push or pull data from remote locations
  • Enable centralized machine data repositories

Video Services

  • Receive and store video clips
  • Access to video cameras across multiple locations
  • Centralized video management and reporting

Remote Guard Tours

  • Remote video tours
  • Remote control of access control systems
  • 2-way voice communications

Remote Device Monitoring

  • Customer device health and availability monitoring
  • Proactive alert notifications to vendor and customer
  • Historical performance tracking

Secure technology you need.

Hardware evolution has miniaturized a PC to the size of a battery charger. A powerful 1.2GHz CPU runs a high performance Linux kernel with 1GB memory and network access through a gigabit Ethernet port. Powered from a 2-prong standard 115V wall socket, the compact physical device brings a powerful computer in a great low cost package.
All client VPN activity is firewalled and transactions are recorded in logs. Network Navigator™ access is provided via:

Encrypted Tunnel over port 443/tcp

Self-signed certificate with full revoke and reissue capabilities

RSA Key 1024 bit & MD5 hashtag

See it in action.

Let us show you how Network Navigator can securely monitor device health on customer networks remotely. No more costly 2am crisis maintenance calls.