Stages® Software

Supercharge your monitoring center with enterprise-grade alarm monitoring automation.

Stages alarm monitoring software by Bold Group is designed for large and complex monitoring centers. It employs action plans and automated processes to deliver top-notch alarm monitoring performance.

Stages streamlines operations, reduces human error, ensures consistent handling of alarms, and improves overall efficiency. It integrates with alarm systems and communication channels, automating the reception and distribution of alarms. The software offers comprehensive reporting and analytics, enabling managers to make data-driven decisions and optimize processes.

With scalability, compliance enforcement, and interoperability, Stages benefits enterprise organizations by enhancing productivity, reducing response times, and delivering superior monitoring services.

Smart Workflow

Customize inbound notifications based on urgency and significantly reduce operator handling times.

Precise Results

Detailed action plans combined with strategic automation options minimize error and maximize results.


Stages features market-leading expansion capabilities and flexible API which allow it to integrate to a vast security and alarm ecosystem, keeping your business flourishing.

Strong security today
and tomorrow

“We felt that Stages was by far the most forward-looking platform at the time, and we feel strongly that has continued to this day.”

– Justin Baily, President, AvantGuard

Three Solutions in one

Stages distinguishes itself through a comprehensive and dynamic feature set to drive outstanding security outcomes. Observe your system from the cloud or on the go.


The leading automation platform for alarm and device monitoring, integrating customer management, data communication, notifications, and cybersecurity.

Stages Cloud

Stages cloud solution integrates into your existing infrastructure. Cloud monitoring provides full support and eliminates blindpsots, increasing the visibility of security assessments in real-time.

Stages Mobile

Extend the capabilities of Stages to your mobile workforce, providing the ability to manage accounts, monitor equipment, and track alarm events.

What sets Stages apart from other security solutions.


Stages API has more extensive and accurate API capabilities than most other applications available in the market.

Cloud, Hybrid, or Mobile

Multi-access point technology designed to work locally, in the cloud, or from a mobile device.

Auto Processes

Eliminate operator involvement for specific events while providing your customers with timely notifications.

Dealer Engagement

Stages keeps dealers engaged with your 24/7 operations. Stay connected and in control around the clock.

IP Director

Improve IP communications reliability and real-time switching with quality IP signal handling.

Interactive Event Processing

Action Plans are managed by an innovative, rules-based scripting engine.

Large Scale Deployments

Stages allows multi-site active database for the most robust and prestige monitoring stations worldwide.


Stages is specifically designed to meet all UL 1981 3rd edition, ULC 1982 and UL 827 8th edition requirements.

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Don't have a Noc? We have you covered.

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) operates in real-time, 24/7. Staff members are certified in a wide variety of IT disciplines, including CISSP, Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Nortel, HP, IBM, and Linux. We’ll make sure your systems are working properly, providing highly customized notifications to keep you informed.

NOC Services

Expert incident handling and reporting to support your worldwide operations.

Device & App Monitoring

Strengthen and support your entire environment through all of your devices and applications.

Complete Security

Includes risk assessment, cyber-security monitoring, review and testing of your environment.

The NOC Environment

Complete physical security to ensure consistent uptime and quick response.

How Stages affects actual performance
in the real world.

Below, you’ll find quick links to some top resources. Our case studies, product information sheet, and full product catalog provide even more insight into our world-class security solutions.

Case Study: AvantGuard

AvantGuard was seeking a new platform to replace its monitoring center software.

Product Info: Stages

Stages is an enterprise-grade alarm monitoring solution that empowers strategic automation.

Product Catalog

A comprehensive array of alarm monitoring and integrated business management solutions.

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