Manitou PSIM® Software

Achieve Total Control With Manitou PSIM.

ManitouPSIM accumulates information from various devices and systems and presents the relevant information in a comprehensive visual display, making it easier for dispatchers to identify and verify threats, prioritize security incidents, and proactively resolve situations.

Integrated Security Intelligence

Analyze and correlate data to prioritize situations.

Detailed Reporting Options

Assess incident response for process review and training.

Measurable Cost Reductions

Minimize potential loss through proactive action and faster response.

Intelligent Security to Proactively Resolve Situations

ManitouPSIM delivers a robust security solution with advanced features, making it easier for operators to identify and verify threats, and prioritize security incidents. Some of the features of ManitouPSIM include:

High Level Integrations

Integrated technologies include CCTV, Video Analytics, GIS Mapping Systems, Access Control Systems and more.

Interactive Floor Plans

Dispatchers can access floorplans to see the exact location of the alarm source, which improves response times.


Choose from over 80 reports included standard with the ability to create and import custom reports as needed.

Assess Threat Level

Security incidents are evaluated alongside other events within the facility to identify if a threat level should be escalated.

Dynamic Workflows

Dispatchers can respond to situations appropriately using guided scripting, automated tasks, and dynamic instructions.

Easily Expand

Adding new technologies is easy and ManitouPSIM includes an open API to add applications not currently integrated.

Event Notifications

The system includes tools for automated notifications of incidents; all communications are date/time stamped.

3-D Floor Plans

Upload custom floor plans to provide an accurate visual display of the facility and buildings. 

Integrations and Add-Ons.

ManitouPSIM is an expandable platform, so you can easily integrate new technologies from our extensive list of product integrations and add-on modules. Discover the available integrations and add-on modules.

That Integrate.

Access Control Systems

Fire Detection

GIS Mapping Systems

Intruder Alarm & Detection Systems

Building Management

GPS Monitoring

Video Analytics

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