Sims® Software

Easy to Install. Easy to navigate.

Designed by former alarm installers, firefighters, and police dispatchers, SIMS is designed for quick performance in real-world scenarios. It’s built to simplify alarm handling without sacrificing essential functionality.

Simplified Data Entry

Data entry shouldn’t be cumbersome or overwhelming. With SIMS, it’s not. Input and move on to more important things.

Fewer Hardware Updates

Hardware updates are time-consuming and expensive. SIMS delivers full functionality with minimal updates.

Better Alarm Handling

All the essentials are on one screen, making navigation and response user-friendly and intuitive from day one.

All of your alarm monitoring essentials covered.

Sort and Filter

Search and Replace

Google Maps Integration

Live Address Validation

One-Screen Navigation

Disaster Recovery Center

Whatever your alarm-handling needs, Bold Group can help.

Below, you’ll find a link to a complete data sheet for SIMS. It provides a great summary of all the ways SIMS can help meet your security needs, ready for you to share with others in your organization. And if you’re looking for other alarm monitoring options, feel free to check out our full catalog.

SIMS® Data Sheet

Designed by industry professionals using real-world experience, SIMS includes features and shortcuts designed to simplify alarm handling.

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Bold Group serves the security and alarm industry with a comprehensive array of alarm monitoring and integrated business management solutions.

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