Simple, Powerful, Alarm Monitoring Software


ManitouLITE is the perfect alarm monitoring software for universities, gated communities, corporate proprietary monitoring centers, and localized central stations.

ManitouLITE utilizes the same signal processing and power of Manitou, but with less of the complexity required for larger monitoring centers. Easy installation, minimal training requirements, and a lower cost make it an ideal solution for alarm handling on a smaller scale.


View alarms by priority and status. Operators utilize scripts and Action Patterns for step-by-step instructions to handle each alarm event.


ManitouLITE’s Windows-based platform is easy to navigate and comprehend. Data entry is also simplified through built-in templates.


ManitouLITE features powerful reporting and analysis tools built into the software. Reports can be printed, or emailed.

Simple, yet Sophisticated

With ManitouLITE, alarm handling is simple. The solution requires minimal training, so operators can start using the system quickly and easily. At the same time, ManitouLITE includes a variety of features to offer a very robust solution.

Web Browser Technology

ManitouLITE utilizes web-based technology and a Windows-based Interface that is easy to navigate.

64-bit Architecture

Used for all Manitou applications; 64-bit processors have greater capacity, and distinctly faster processing.

Enhanced Action Patterns

Ensure consistent Alarm Handling with Action Patterns that deliver step-by-step instructions and scripting.

Device Independence

Accessible from a variety of devices including tablets for simple access by remote or field staff.

Customizable Dashboards

Display key statistics at a glance that are easily customized to show information important to each operator.

Extensive Reporting

Includes over 80 report options ranging from simple to complex. View, print, or email reports as needed.

Dynamic Screens

ManitouLITE will dynamically reorganize its content to use the available screen space most efficiently.

Simplified Data Entry

Ensure accurate data entry using the Customer Wizard which leads staff through an easily-navigated process.

Flexible Scheduling

Create alarm events for unscheduled or late to open/close. Easily customize or change schedules.

Why Sacrifice Power for Price?

Manage Key-holders

Supports multiple phone number fields for customer key-holders (home, business, mobile) along with individual passcodes and user IDs. Build these into Action Patterns for more efficient alarm handling.

Powerful Reporting

Manage your business with the ultimate reporting flexibility. Report options include standard, simple, complex, and detailed. Reports can be generated on-screen, printed, or sent via email.

Unlimited User Groups

Create User Groups to determine access permissions, security levels, and restrictions for users of the Manitou Lite system. Place operators into User Groups for the right system access.

Disaster Mode

During a storm or disaster, partition the signals that fall within the disaster area into a separate group. This allows for better management of the alarm queue and
focus on actual alarms.

Detailed Activity Log

The customer activity log keeps a complete audit trail of all events. Each signal and operator action is date/time stamped and recorded. Retrieving history is a simple one-click

Flexible Scheduling

Program daily Open/Close schedules as well as test schedules for individual customers. Automatically generate alarm events for an unscheduled Open/Close, Late Open/Close and Test Overdue


"The technology in this industry is changing so fast, and Manitou allows us to keep pace with those changes. The Windows interface makes Manitou very easy to use. Manitou is the best central station software."

Robert Bonifas – President and CEO, Alarm Detection Systems Inc.

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