Training Services

We are extremely pro-training at Bold Group. Through the BoldU Training Portal, we offer a variety of free training, as well as self-directed e-learning classes, instructor-led classes, and online training courses.
We offer several training solutions in addition to BoldU; including Hands-on Lab Training in our Colorado Springs Training Facility, On-Site Training at customer locations, and Web-Based Training.


BoldU is Bold Group’s online Learning Management System. With BoldU, we provide a centralized location for customers to find current training material ranging from User Guides to Quick-Start Guides to FAQ documents. BoldU also offers training ranging from self-directed exercises to full online courses.

Cost Effective Training

BoldU offers four subscription levels with the Level 1 subscription FREE to all Bold Group customers.

Accessible to All Customers

A single subscription (Level 1, 2, 3, or 4) covers your entire organization with unlimited user registrations.

Ongoing Learning Options

Users can access any classes available in your subscription level. There is no expiration date for the classes.

Choose the Subscription Right for You

BoldU has four subscription levels, with the Level 1 subscription FREE to all Bold Group customers. The Level 1 subscription currently includes training content for Manitou, SedonaOffice, and AlarmBiller.
Subscription Levels 2-4 primarily include Manitou-related content; however, we have already started developing advanced BoldU content for the SedonaOffice and stages product lines

Level 1 – The Bold Resource Center

The BoldU Resource Center contains quick reference material and how-to guides, as well as links to video tutorials. The Level 1 Bold Resource Center includes material on Manitou, ManitouNEO, AlarmBiller, and SedonaOffice. This FREE subscription level also contains one free eLearning course – BTT100 Introduction to Manitou.

Level 3 – Professional Development

In addition to the Level 2 eLearning, this subscription level includes Instructor-led courses. In these online courses, registered students from various organizations make up the class, which is led by an instructor. Enrolled students watch course modules, participate in discussions, and complete assignments. The instructor guides the students through the class and the students also benefit from interactions with each other. Level 3 classes include deliverables due within specific timeframes.

Level 3 Courses include: ManitouNEO Advanced Alarm Operator, ManitouNEO Data Entry Specialist, ManitouNEO Bootcamp.

Level 2 – Self-paced Learning

This subscription level contains self-paced eLearning courses that step learners through the basics of using the Manitou and ManitouNEO user interface. Each section of the eLearning Courses concludes with an assessment to gauge the retention of the material covered. Available courses include: Manitou/ManitouNEO Alarm Handling, Manitou/ManitouNEO Data Entry Basics, and Manitou System Basics.

Level 4 – Advanced Instruction

This level includes access to BoldU Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 content, plus allows subscribers to attend live online courses with our expert instructors. Our live online courses are handled very similar to online college courses. The Level 4 BoldU access includes everything for advanced users without requiring travel to our Colorado Springs training center. The live online courses available in 2019 include the ManitouNEO Bootcamp Course and the Central Station Manager Course.

The most successful businesses have people who never stop training and learning. So, make sure to register for BoldU – whether it’s just for the free resources or to get access to the exceptional training materials Bold offers.

Bold Training

From basic software training to advanced concepts, our trainers work with your team to help ensure your desired objectives are met. We have several training options to choose from.

Online Training

Training content is delivered conveniently via interactive web sessions which are shorter and take place over a longer time period. Each session lays foundations which are then expanded upon in subsequent sessions, and our expert trainers work with your team to maximize the impact of these sessions.

OnSite Training

A trainer will come to you to train your team in their native environment. Whether you want advanced training for your leads and or training on setup tables, simply share your goals and our trainer will create a customized plan for you.

Bold Training Lab

Located in Colorado Springs, CO, the Training Lab is used for both specialized training courses, like the Central Station Manager Course and the SedonaOffice Bootcamp, and for individual customer training. The Lab provides in a safe and practical environment to practice newly learned skills.

TMA Five Diamond Sponsorship

The Monitoring Association (TMA) is a trade association that represents companies offering security (alarm) monitoring systems through a central station. It also represents companies that provide services and products to the industry. To learn more about the TMA,
visit their website.

To become a TMA Five Diamond certified central station, every operator must complete the TMA Central Station Operator Level I Online course. For central stations that purchase Manitou or stages and would like to obtain their Five Diamond Certification, Bold Group will pay for the operators to take the TMA Operator Level I course.

The Bold Group TMA Five Diamond Program Sponsorship is available to any customers in the process of purchasing a new Manitou or stages alarm monitoring system.

The TMA Five Diamond Certification must be achieved within six months of the Manitou or stages purchase.

The customer wishing to achieve their TMA Five Diamond Certification must be a member of TMA; either a current or a new member.

The TMA Five Diamond Program Sponsorship must be documented on the Manitou or stages purchase contract.

Bold Group will pay for the number of operators the customer has employed during the time of contract signature to take the TMA Central Station Operator Level I Online course; maximum of 20 operators.

TMA requires that the TMA Five Diamond Certification must be renewed each year to remain active and current. Any operators who have not completed the TMA Central Station Operator Level I Online course (ex. new operators), must complete this course and become certified for the company to maintain their TMA Five Diamond status. In the event that the new Bold Group customer currently holds their TMA Five Diamond Certification, Bold Group will pay for any of the currently uncertified operators (maximum of 20 operators) to complete the TMA Central Station Operator Level I Online course so the customer can maintain their Five Diamond status.

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