Using Technology to Update Your Scheduling Processes

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Running a security business is challenging, and staying on top of your scheduling processes is often pushed to the back burner. But you ignore this step at your own risk: Keeping track of your technicians’ schedules, locations, and turnaround times can have a powerful effect on customer service.  Nonetheless, it’s time-consuming. So why not make it easier for yourself?

Field management software can streamline processes, ensure compliance, give you a better handle on the business, and improve outcomes.

Manual vs. Automated Scheduling Processes

Security dealer service representatives communicate with field technicians regularly throughout the customer cycle. Services such as installation and problem tickets often include input from customer service reps. In turn, field service technicians deploy to customer sites to address potential issues.

All of this must be handled in a way that promotes efficiency. For too many security businesses, these are still manual processes that rely on literal pen and paper, which only increasing your response time and the chance for errors. These practices can and should be replaced with technology.

The use of automated scheduling can help improve collaboration between departments and communication with customers. With customer data at their fingertips, technicians can quickly transition from job to job. They don’t need to call the office to find missing information or spend an inordinate time on hold while the CSR performs research, inputs data or escalates an issue.

Field managers cringe when what should have been a 45-minute service ends up taking three hours because they had to rely on information not provided accurately or that they had easily accessible.

Software Functions

Field managers historically spent a lot of time scheduling field techs across shifts and jobs, and this is the key task that is ripe for digitizing. It eliminates the guesswork and coordination that comes with factoring in numerous variables across time and geographic areas.

Sedona-X Mobile allows you to effectively schedule field techs across multiple locations, as well as track and measure their work. It also integrates with other solutions, such as AlarmBiller, to deliver an entire suite of software solutions that improve your security business.

Scheduling software reduces improves efficiency by providing quick, accurate answers to the following questions:

  • How much time do my field techs waste in transit between jobs?
  • How can you schedule based on the complexity of work and field tech expertise?
  • How many unnecessary jobs are scheduled each month?
  • How much time is wasted in scheduling gaps per field tech?

Software Benefits

Scheduling software provides more benefits beyond digitizing a common task. It also allows you to:

  • Send push notifications to field techs
  • Send real-time notifications
  • Manage large groups of employees across multiple locations
  • Simplify the time management process
  • Increase efficiency and productivity while improving the customer experience
  • Utilize mobile devices, beneficial for those out in the field
  • Limit scheduling time
  • Achieve greater insight

If you want to compete in the digital age, become an industry leader, and retain happy customers, scheduling software isn’t a luxury. It’s a strategic necessity.

If you’re still employing non-digital methods to schedule your field technicians and perform various other tasks, now is the time to make a change. Set up field service automation that can help shave off valuable time for field service agents.

Bold Group’s business management software can help eliminate scheduling challenges and solve other issues, too.​

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