The Value of Employee Development

Many business owners do not put much emphasis on training and consider training more of an expense than an investment. However, training your employees is extremely valuable to your business. While you may have to spend time and resources to send your staff to training, ensuring your employees know how to use the latest technology and tools will help your business run more efficiently.

If you are considering sending your employees to a training course, it is important to focus on the outcome of the training. Ask yourself, “What do I want out of this training investment? What is going to change in my business that is going to help my company?” Without identifying some targeted results for your company, it is almost impossible to view training as anything more than an expense.

Bold Technologies offers several specialized training courses, including the Central Station Manager Course (CSM) and the Manitou System Manager Course (MSM). These courses were created to help your team understand and manage the advanced features of Manitou to improve performance and efficiency in your alarm monitoring center. Bryant Hardy, a Bold course instructor, states “The Central Station Manager Course is really a must-have for new Central Station Managers AND for those that have been on Manitou for a long time. They may know the basic key functions of Manitou, but this gives them the opportunity to learn so much more about Advanced Action Patterns, Open/Close Schedules, General Schedules, and Transmitter Programming, among other things.”

Likewise, when asked about the Manitou System Manager Course, Bryant comments, “Anyone involved with IT in a Central Station will find this course invaluable. We can help them save their company thousands of dollars by showing them how to install, setup and configure Manitou from start to finish.” He adds,“This course also teaches other Manitou system configurations, such as adding receivers, adding new servers, setting up replication, and more.

Both the CSM and MSM courses provide attendees with unique opportunities to connect with other industry professionals and to learn best practices to make their company more efficient. But don’t take our word for it…read what some of our previous attendees have said:

  • Even though I have 6+ years of Manitou experience, this course taught me so much that I didn’t know before. My Manitou knowledge is substantially greater.”
  • “As a first time Bold user I found this course very helpful. I have a better understanding of what to expect from the system based on setup and what to look for during times of system issues. I am taking away several points that I will compare with how we use the system today and I know what to start adjusting based on my desire for more efficiency in the Central Station.”
  • “The instructors were thorough and patient; they were willing to answer questions and help in topics that were confusing. They took the time to explain things fully and in great detail.”

Well trained employees are incredibly valuable to your business. Strategic and thoughtful training investments will be worth the expense when your business grows and experiences higher levels of success.

The next set of CSM and MSM training courses are scheduled for December 2015. Registration is open now at