Spring Cleaning For a Safer House

The days are getting warmer, and more people are heading outside to enjoy sunshine and short sleeves. For many, the warmer weather also means spring cleaning –  deep cleaning the house from top to bottom. But while you’re scrubbing the corners, you can also help your house stay as safe as possible with these spring cleaning tips!

Check your smoke detectors! Press the test button and make sure your detector not only activates, but is loud enough for someone on another floor of the house to hear. Replace the batteries if needed.

Check your carbon monoxide detectors, too, and not just for the battery. CO2 detectors have a limited lifespan, so if yours is over five years old, it may require replacing.

Make sure you have fire extinguishers on every level of your home, and in your garage. Did you know a fire extinguisher can expire? Check them to make sure their expiration date hasn’t passed, and replace any that have.

Check your water heater thermostat to prevent scalding accidents. A good temperature is 120 degrees.

Warmer weather means more thunderstorm possibilities. Protect your appliances and electronics from lightning strikes by using surge protectors.

Clean out your chimney and gutters to make sure there are no fire hazards from built-up debris.

It may be time to turn the sprinklers on, but be aware of the overnight low temperatures in your area. Temperatures can still drop low enough to cause freezing pipes.

Check your trees and shrubs to make sure they haven’t grown around wires or over walkways. Trim back any dead or overgrown branches.

And of course, while you are doing all these tasks, make sure you don’t leave tools or other valuables lying outside. Lock your car and close your garage if you are not going to be near it. Burglars like spring cleaning, too!