Six Benefits of Monitored Home Security

As the DIY trend grows, many homeowners are considering switching to self-monitoring their homes rather than professional, monitored home security. The reasons look good on paper; no monthly fees, simple and flexible equipment installation, a direct connection to their smart phone when alarms occur, etc. But self-monitored systems have their shortcomings. Consumers should know the reasons monitored home security is a sound investment to protect their home and belongings so they can make an educated decision:

    1. Equipment is installed by a security professional who knows the best practices for placing surveillance cameras, door/window sensors, motion detectors and more. This placement can make a huge difference in the effectiveness and operation of the security device.
    2. Professional alarm dealers often offer free installation when services are contracted, which saves consumers both money and time. Some companies even offer security devices at no charge with a contract for monitoring.
    3. The property is monitored 24/7 by trained professionals who can send emergency response. Self-monitored alarm systems, such as DIY devices which send a text message when triggered, can go unobserved if the receiver is in a meeting, on a plane, or somewhere away from their phone.
    4. Professionally monitored properties are given more leverage by emergency personnel for immediate response. False alarms have been an ongoing problem for home security; alarms triggered by wind, animals, and other non-threatening activities keep emergency responders from handling true crises. Because the monitoring station can verify the alarm by checking cameras and sensors, their alarm report will be given higher priority over a non-monitored one.
    5. Monitored security is considered favorable by home insurance companies, who may offer a policy discount on properties with a monitored home security system.
    6. Monitored home security offers another layer of deterrent to criminals. Sometimes just seeing a security company sign on the lawn or porch is enough to make a would-be thief look elsewhere. An unprotected home is an easier target.

For hands-on homeowners who want to be actively involved in their home security, Bold developed our newest app, Bold NotifyMe. This app offers consumers the best of both self-monitored and professionally monitored home security. If an alarm occurs, they are notified by the app first. They can communicate through the app with other individuals on their account to determine if the alarm is legitimate, then confirm or cancel it. However, if no one is available to respond to the app alert, the alarm is sent through to the central station. The app keeps homeowners in the loop regarding their home security and benefits alarm dealers by reducing false alarms. Learn more about Bold NotifyMe here.