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Bold NotifyMe is a mobile application which notifies users of alarm occurrences via push notification, and gives them the ability to verify the occurrence, then confirm or cancel it. Bold NotifyMe benefits central stations and monitoring centers by reducing false alarm calls and operator queues while maintaining the flow of alarm reception without interruptions.

Send Immediate Notifications

All users on an account are alerted via push notification when an alarm occurs. Provide better service to your customers by involving them faster and engaging them in the response.

Reduce False Alarms

Users communicate through a messaging window to manage alarm response. Now users can be more actively involved in the event of an alarm and help to reduce false alarm calls.

Improve Operator Response

Alarms can be immediately verified, cancelled, or delayed for further investigation by the user. User involvement reduces operator queues without interrupting verified alarms.

How it works

All users on an account are alerted via push notification when an alarm occurs. Concurrently, a timer begins a countdown to notify the central station of the alarm. Through Bold NotifyMe, users can communicate with each other in a messaging window and manage the response.The alarm can be verified immediately and sent to the central station, cancelled by a user and removed from the queue, or held with the timer reset so users have additional time to investigate the alarm.
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User informed decisions

The app benefits users by enabling them to be more involved when an alarm is triggered. Account users can now communicate easily with each other to determine if there is a known reason for the alarm, and then make a choice whether or not to have the monitoring company respond. This contributes to the reduction of false alarm calls without hindering the central station from receiving the alarm in a timely manner if the user(s) are not available.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Bold NotifyMe respond to different types of Event Codes?

Yes. Dealers can customize the app to notify users of the events of their choice, from high-priority fire and burglary, to low-priority low battery alarms.


How long is the countdown for users to respond?

The countdown is customizable to the user’s preference. Most selected times vary between 60 seconds and three minutes.


Does the app work with video?

Bold NotifyMe is integrated with I-View Now, so users can view their cameras directly in the app to help determine the validity of the alarm.


Are users’ communications stored in Manitou?

Communications are not stored in order to protect users’ privacy and any confidential information that may be exchanged during a conversation.


How does registration work?

Participating dealers are issued a Dealer ID, which allows them to communicate with the Bold NotifyMe web portal and register users who download the app


Where can end users download the app?

Bold NotifyMe is available in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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