Product Spotlight: An Improved BoldNet Mobile

By Toby Prescott, Director of Development

Bold made several changes to BoldNet Mobile for our new update, which is now available in the relevant App Stores. I wanted to take this opportunity to review the changes we’ve made and provide some insight into what we are planning for future versions.

The changes to BoldNet Mobile cover three areas: Activity Log, Customer Info, and Password Change.

The largest change involves the Customer Activity Log. Previously, this just showed the current day activity by default and had buttons to navigate back and forward a day at a time. This limited the amount of data that was being requested by the app at each request, but was cumbersome to get a good understanding of the activity over several days. It also was not consistent with the web version of BoldNet. We have now changed to a date range picker implementation. It is defaulted to 30 days to be consistent with the web version, but can be set to any range desired. The activity display will scroll in a constant list, making navigation easy and intuitive.

For the Customer Info, we discovered that users were experiencing difficulty where the content would not update without exiting and re-entering the customer. For example, if you put the customer on test, the status would not update if the customer info page was already open. This is because the information was cached until the page reloaded. To address this, we have added a “pull down to refresh” option to this page. You can now reload the latest information without having to navigate away.

The last change was to fix a bug relating to changing an expired. The app was designed to address this by prompting users to enter a new password and then save that change, but it was not working as intended. With this update, that functionality should now operate correctly.

Looking forward, we plan to further enhance the Activity Log to add the ability to filter, similar to the web version. We also are looking at ways to add a “forgot password” feature to the app. Last, we’re planning an enhancement to improve the selective On-Test mechanism. This would allow partial On-Test by Transmitter, Area, and Zone in addition to the current by System functionality.

Thank you for the feedback you’ve provided us to help expand and improve BoldNet Mobile. We continue to evaluate your suggestions and update this app to meet your business needs!