Introducing the Innovative Manitou 2.1

by Bob Bishop, Technical Product Manager

Bold Group is very pleased to announce the availability of Manitou version 2.1! To help “spread the word,” we are spending the next few weeks devoting our Bold blog to some of the exciting new features built into Manitou’s newest release. Some of the newly created features are long-time requests from several of our monitoring center partners. To kick off this series, we will start with a brief executive summary of these items sure to improve communication and efficiency.

  • Manitou YOUR Way – The 2.1 web client offers users the ability to customize the display of alarm events to operators/agents handling the incidents. This includes the ability to have certain alarm events display in one manner while having other events display differently. For example, if an operator receives a Medical Alarm, our partners can globally change the screen layout for those events displaying the Comments related to special medical needs listed in a “card” which appears next to the customer’s name and address information, with the Action Pattern card positioned below. Additionally, users can designate different alarm tones based on the priority of the event. This is a powerful new feature that provides greater efficiency to organizations responding to the alarm events.
  • Quick-fill Comments – Wouldn’t it be great to take some of the keystroke burdens from your operators? Now you CAN! Organizations can create commonly used comments/phrases and select one or more of those pre-established comments when logging comments, closing an alarm, or committing an edit to an account. Use a simple number or acronym rather than typing the same information over and over again.
  • “Superpowered” Scripts, Notifications, and Automated Subscriptions – Manitou 2.1 provides an extremely powerful and configurable tool to record consistent information using Enhanced Scripts These scripts work with our Enhanced Notifications to send specific information required by your dealers, chain accounts, business, and subscribers.   For example, if a business owner wants to receive an email when an alarm is completed and assigned a specific Resolution Code, you can subscribe that contact to receive it…  Information “On Demand.”
  • Linked Open/Close Schedules and Reminders – One of the most requested features over the years has been the ability to link Open/Close schedules for accounts that are associated with a chain of accounts (e.g., store franchise) or that belong to a dealer/sub-dealer. Cheers are erupting! Manitou 2.1 provides you with the ability to link schedules on a hierarchical level WITH the option of Ignore/Default/Override. This logic works from the top down in the hierarchical structure, so a dealer would override a sub-dealer or customer schedule (if “Override” is selected). If dealers/sub-dealers select “Default”, the logic is applied from the Customer upward. This logic is applied at either one or more of the Permanent, Alternate, and/or Holiday schedules. Additionally, users also can create reminders that are linked to a schedule created at a dealer/sub-dealer level, providing a single location to adjust events, including video tours, check-ins, or any reminder that an organization configures.

These new features are available TODAY with an upgrade to Manitou 2.1. These features have been tested both internally and by a few beta testers and “early adopters.” We look forward to sharing more details about a different feature each week. In the meantime, do you want to see more? You can request a demo on our new website. It’s an exciting time at Bold Group!