How to Banish Process Inefficiencies with Managely

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If you want to optimize your workflow, you have to become efficient in the right places. That means spending less time dealing with minutiae and more time nurturing relationships with customers, or less time looking for documents and more time building a vision for your business. 

And yet we keep hearing from alarm companies and security dealers who lament how much time they waste on seemingly tiny details every single day: looking up customer records, remembering to send a recurring bill, manually creating proposals and work orders. Proactive, rather than reactive strategies, enable security organizations to stay ahead in their businesses.

Many have even invested considerable time cobbling together the best set of tools and processes they could find at the time, which have worked “well enough” to keep their businesses running–but not thriving. These systems are often far from perfect: things get lost or misplaced, data is hard to find or must be entered multiple times, there’s unnecessary manual entry and process overlap. And all of this results in countless hours lost each month.

We wanted to banish these inefficiencies and free security business owners up for more high-impact work, so we created Managely®, a complete business management solution designed specifically for the security industry. Managely brings together everything that other applications do only part-way: accounting, dashboarding, customer management, recurring billing, inventory, customer relationship management, central station integration, and more. Today we can say it has all been worth it: countless alarm professionals across the nation use Managely to banish inefficiencies, get their time back, and get back to more important things.

Here’s how Managely can streamline inefficient processes and supercharge your potential:

#1. Do Everything with One Solution 

Switching between software, paper files, Word documents, and Excel sheets? You just don’t have to do that anymore. When you use software purpose-designed for your workflow, you get your time back: no more switching back and forth between tabs or trying to remember which system contains the information you need. Managely can integrate with virtually all areas of your business, so you can do everything you need from just one system. 

#2. Easily Manage Cash Flow

Managely simplifies billing and payment processing, and it’s a snap to set up everything from automated recurring billing to late payment reminders. This makes it easy to manage cash flow, with invoices that practically send themselves and plenty of payment options for your customers, from automated billing to one-off credit card and ACH payments. Invoices won’t slip through the cracks like they used to, because you don’t have to switch between spreadsheets and documents to create invoices, lose time chasing late payments, or manually enter bills paid. And monthly recurring revenue is a breeze: just up your preferred billing cycle for automatic invoicing and let us do the rest.

#3. No Wasted Time for Technicians

Imagine easily scheduling and tracking technician time in the field, so you provide better service for more customers than before. With Managely, you can easily set up schedules, share them with techs in the field, and provide access to all the customer information they might need on a job. That means no more fielding calls from service techs about a customer’s past work history, equipment installed, service levels, or warranty information: it’s already available at their fingertips. Your technicians can view service history and add notes while out on the job. And once a service ticket is marked complete, Managely automatically sends out the invoice. 

#4.  Scale Your Business Effortlessly 

Having a scalable software solution is invaluable for security businesses as they expand. Scaling brings its own set of challenges, such as bottlenecks and strained resources. With Managely’s tiered platform, you can easily adapt and optimize your operations as your business grows. Whether you choose Essentials, Pro, or Enterprise, upgrading is seamless with a simple configuration change. This allows you to get the specific features you need without altering your existing database, saving time and effort while ensuring your security business stays agile and efficient.

#5. Business Intelligence When You Need It 

You don’t have to compile cumbersome data or spend hours figuring out what’s going on with your business. Managely makes reports and other relevant data instantly available, by leveraging Microsoft PowerBI directly in the application so you know in a moment exactly where your business stands. You can use its reliable metrics to show your greatest opportunities for growth, and to drive future improvements.

With standardized and relevant data across your entire organization, you can break through silos and bring everyone together around the same goals. Having all your data in one place also drives accuracy, because there is less risk of omission or of data migrating to different systems, notebooks, and file drawers.

#6. Streamline Your Processes

If you’re still creating proposals in Word or Excel, with lots of back-and-forth between you and the customer, you’re going to love Managely’s frictionless proposal-to-payment process. Disjointed processes and communication gaps can cause unnecessary delays, leading to missed opportunities and decreased productivity. 

Say goodbye to the days of manually creating a proposal, entering it into a business management system, creating a work order, and then scheduling your technician via Google calendar or a spreadsheet. Managely integrates every step of this process so that you can seamlessly create a proposal, transform it into a work order, and then send an invoice once work is complete. By optimizing your workflow management, you can enhance efficiency, eliminate bottlenecks, and foster collaboration among teams.

All of these efficiency gains, taken together over days, weeks, and years, can give your business a huge advantage in terms of time and insight gained. That means finally being able to focus on the future–while trusting that the day-to-day business admin is taken care of with Managely. 

These efficiencies can also reduce your costs, drive greater monthly recurring revenue, help you win new business and grow your business, and ultimately ensure consistent cash flow. But the benefits don’t just translate to your bottom line. Becoming more efficient with everyday business tasks means that you can invest time in creating amazing experiences for your customers and strong relationships with your vendors and partners. 

Ready to give Managely a try? We’d love to show you the possibilities! Contact us today for a free trial and a conversation about how Managely can banish your tedious, repetitive, and inefficient processes with a single solution that does it all.