Five Benefits of Smart Home Security

A recent FBI report shows that a burglary takes place every 20 seconds, and losses incurred by property crime victims totaled $14.3 billion in 2015 alone. Smart technology has impacted the ease of using a home security system,  and homeowners (and even renters) should consider the benefits a modern system can provide:

Protects valuables
Let’s start with the obvious one. Studies show the average burglary results in approximately $1,700 in losses for the victim. Most burglars look for cash, jewelry, electronics, and prescription or illegal drugs, and they know all the common hiding places for these items. A home security system can signal authorities to a burglary in progress, and increase the chances that the perpetrator will be caught either in the act or after the fact.

Deters crime
What’s better than catching and thwarting a burglar? Having no burglar in the first place! Often, just the presence of an alarm system is enough to make a potential criminal think twice. In fact, a 2012 university study revealed that homes without a security system were more vulnerable to a break-in. Approximately 60% of the interviewed offenders claimed they would forego a home with a security system in favor of an easier target. Among offenders who realized an alarm was present during their crime, half withdrew from the attempt.

Remote access monitoring
Today’s home security system is so much more than an alarm and some sensors. New technology gives homeowners the ability to monitor surveillance cameras and sensors remotely through a web portal or mobile app. It also gives users the ability to arm and disarm their alarm system from afar, should the need arise. Because so many homes are now incorporating smart technology, many of these devices can be accessed remotely as well.

Lowers homeowner’s insurance
Everyone can agree saving money is a great benefit, and most insurance companies offer reduced premiums to homeowners who install a monitored security system. A monitored system reduces not only the chance of burglary and loss, but also fire and water damage, meaning fewer claims processed by the insurance company.

Peace of mind
Don’t underestimate the value of peace-of-mind when it comes to your personal safety. A home security system which can be armed even while people are in the house can, once again, deter a potential invader, but also give extra assurance to the homeowner that should a home invasion occur, they will be alerted to hide or escape, and authorities will be summoned.