Do You Have Enough Time?

by guest blogger Steve Carlin, Senior QA Engineer

What if you could save five minutes per day for each of your employees? How much would that add up to in a week? What if it were 30 minutes? How about an hour? Time is money and in some cases, the difference of minutes can mean not just the loss of revenue, but the loss of life. Streamlining your data entry and alarm handling workflow should be one of your highest priorities. Shaving minutes off of your workflow can literally save lives.

Bold realizes for many of our users, the most painful part of their conversion process has been the data entry stage. We’ve taken a serious look at this and we are actively working on streamlining that process without losing any of the product features which you’ve come to rely on from Manitou. We understand that saving time will save you money and allow more time to actually manage your customer’s needs.

We are making these software changes by implementing new development processes here at Bold, which allow us to quickly implement new features while working closely with our stakeholders to broaden the scope of our products and improve workflow efficiency. This will help us to deliver working software early and frequently while incrementally delivering higher-quality software.

Feedback from our early Beta customers has proven that we are headed in a direction that will clearly benefit all of our customers, and in turn, all of their customers. Manitou version Neo’s intuitive interface will reduce the time it takes to get your employees up to speed, again saving you time and money. The broad browser support for our web based application will increase the ways that you can monitor what is happening within your system, allowing you to no longer be chained to your desk.

Time is money and your time is your most important asset.