The Value of Training Your Employees

Many business owners do not put much emphasis on training and often consider it more of an expense than an investment. However, training your employees is extremely valuable to your business. While you may have to spend time and resources to send your staff to training, ensuring your employees know how to use the latest technology and tools helps your business run more efficiently.

Bold Group offers several specialized training courses, including the SedonaOffice General Ledger Boot Camp and the Central Station Managers Course (CSM). These courses were created to help your team understand and manage the advanced features of SedonaOffice and Manitou to improve performance and efficiency in your alarm monitoring center.

The Central Station Managers Course

Caryn Morgan, who teaches the CSM course, says “This course is really a must-have for new Central Station Managers AND for those that have been on Manitou for a long time. They may know the basic key functions of Manitou, but this gives them the opportunity to learn so much more about the Web-Based Client, including Enhanced Action Patterns, Dashboard and Dashboard Analytics, Reporting, and Signal formats, among other things.”

The CSM is more than just Manitou training, though. Caryn trains managers to be effective leaders in their company as well. “We delve into operational topics, such as engaging and evaluating operators, providing feedback, and leveraging Manitou for better service offerings.”

The SedonaOffice GL Boot Camp

The SedonaOffice GL Boot Camp is designed to help SedonaOffice users gain a better understanding of potential general ledger strategies and a clear view of SedonaOffice best practices and metrics. Instructor Bob Esquerra, who has been a Certified Public Accountant for over 25 years, nearly 20 of them in the security industry, is passionate about helping attendees achieve a quality understanding of their SedonaOffice software, its basic accounting principles, and how their organization accounts for income, outflow, costs, etc., within the software.

Both the CSM and the SedonaOffice GL Boot Camp courses provide attendees with unique opportunities to connect with other industry professionals and to learn best practices to make their company more efficient. But don’t take our word for it…read what some of our previous attendees have said, then decide whether training your employees with a Bold Group course is worth the investment:

-“Even though I have 6+ years of Manitou experience, this course taught me so much that I didn’t know before. My Manitou knowledge is substantially greater.”

-“The biggest part of the CSM for me, as minor as it may sound, was exposure to other people doing similar jobs at similar companies in different places. Central stations are isolating by design, and unless your company is friendly with another security company, it’s very much operating in a vacuum. Being able to riff with someone in similar circumstances was a unique experience and one I enjoyed a lot. Also, walking through a failover on a system I wasn’t terrified of breaking was surprisingly great! Less ‘DO EXACTLY THIS AND NOTHING ELSE,’ more ‘this is why we’re doing what we’re doing’.”

 “I learned SO much and met some great people that I look forward to keeping in touch with.”

Well-trained employees are incredibly valuable to your business. Strategic and thoughtful training investments will be worth the expense when your business grows and experiences higher levels of success.

The next SedonaOffice GL Boot Camp is coming up August 20-22nd, and the next CSM is September 17th and 18th. Both classes will be held at the Colorado Springs Training Facility. You can find information at