Top Application Security Threats

by guest blogger, Katherine Palac, Director of Marketing, Column Information Security

Technology moves so fast these days, companies can be forgiven somewhat for doing all they can to keep up with it. This is especially important in the world of apps, where being the first to market can be critical for success. However, businesses that rush through the development process may find themselves not only first to mobile devices, but also to be hacked. In the haste to be ahead of the competition, they might overlook certain crucial security risks. By releasing their products with serious flaws, they make themselves and their customers vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Whenever hackers gain access to the inner workings of an app, it’s bad news. They can steal sensitive data, spread malicious code, and even hijack the app and turn it against its users. Even though developers spend millions each year on security, their work is never done. This is why it’s necessary for software providers and anyone else involved in mobile application development to understand the common types of threats and how to deal with them.

A little foresight and preparation can prevent companies from rushing through the process and releasing something that puts them and consumers in danger. This slideshow provides more details about how they can stay safe:

Top Application Security Threats from Column Information Security

Author bio: Katherine Palac is Director of Marketing at Column Information Security. Palac has focused on global B2B marketing and communications strategy for 20 years, primarily in the professional services, financial services, and technology spaces.