Shoplifting Prevention

Retailers, it’s that time of the year. The ten busiest shopping days of the year have arrived! Two just took place, in the form of Black Friday (historically always the #1 shopping day of the year) and the Saturday following it, which, according to ShopperTrak, ranks as 2018’s fifth busiest. But the remaining eight all happen over the next four and a half weeks. Here’s the full list for 2018:

  1. Friday, November 23 – Black Friday
  2. Saturday, December 22 – Super Saturday
  3. Saturday, December 15
  4. Sunday, December 23
  5. Saturday, November 24
  6. Saturday, December 8
  7. Friday, December 21
  8. Wednesday, December 26
  9. Saturday, December 1
  10. Saturday, December 29

So, if the shoppers are out in full force, you can bet the shoplifters are, too. Your loss prevention team is ready to go, but what about the rest of your store? Shoplifting prevention can be addressed in many ways. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your efforts.

  • If you’ve invested in security equipment, make sure it’s at peak performance! Test security devices to confirm they are connected and functioning properly. Check camera angles to ensure you have the best viewpoints.
  • Also, make sure your security equipment is visible! The chance of being monitored is a big deterrent for a lot of would-be criminals.
  • Know your data. Understanding your busiest days and hours is an important element of shoplifting prevention. Schedule your associates accordingly so your departments are well staffed with no coverage gaps.
  • Train your loss prevention associates well. Make sure they greet customers, make eye contact, are attentive, and are positioned near high-value products to deter potential shoplifters from acting.
  • Use strategic stocking to prevent theft. Put smaller products, like small electronics and/or jewelry close to registers, in difficult-to-reach locations, behind locked cases, etc. Also keep high-value products away from exits to discourage grab-and-run scenarios.
  • Keep your store well-lit, organized, and free of clutter for better visibility.

Finally, it’s important to have your ENTIRE staff invested in shoplifting prevention. Cashiers, stockers, and other employees can be trained to look for signs of possible shoplifter activity. The more employees watching, the more likely a shoplifter will be deterred or stopped.

Good luck…be vigilant! Day #9 on the list is coming this weekend!