Protecting Your Home from Summertime Theft

Isn’t summer great? Warmer temps mean opening up the windows and doors to let in the summer breeze and air out the mustiness of winter, spending more time outside, walking to the park and chasing down the ice cream truck, and of course, planning for that awesome summer trip! But all of these scenarios have something in common…they make you a target for summertime theft.

According to the FBI, the summer months of June, July, and August traditionally see a 10% increase in home burglaries, as criminals take advantage of relaxed defenses and easier access. Here are a few tips to make sure an industrious thief doesn’t ruin your summer:

  • Don’t leave windows and doors open unless you are in the home, on the same floor. It’s an open invitation to burglars. If your door is open, make sure the screen is locked. And even though those nighttime breezes are great for cooling down the house, never leave ground floor windows, or upper-level windows with easy access, open at night.
  • Likewise, if you decide to take a walk in the sunshine, don’t forget to lock up the house! People tend to become complacent, thinking they’ll only be gone a short while, only to find when they return that they are another victim of summertime theft.
  • Working in the yard or mowing the lawn is a common summer task, and it is tempting to leave the garage door open for easy access to tools and supplies. But if you aren’t going to be working near the garage, keep it closed. Not only are your belongings at risk from a thief, but most garages also provide easy access to the house.
  • The increase in summertime theft also applies to vehicles. Drivers leave windows down in an effort to keep the interior cool, or worse, leave a car running with the air conditioning on while they run into a store. Both instances make a vehicle easy prey for criminals, and the latter one will likely earn you a denied insurance claim, too. Anytime you leave your vehicle unattended, even in your driveway, close the windows, lock the doors, and keep your keys.
  • Don’t let the excitement of an upcoming summer vacation keep you from taking the necessary precautions to protect your home! Planning your home security should be as important as packing your suitcase. If it’s possible to have a friend stay at your home, make arrangements for it. If it isn’t, follow these security tips to help your home and belongings stay safe.

The prevalence of summertime theft is an unfortunate fact, but with a little diligence, you can decrease the odds of your home becoming a target.