Bold Product Spotlight: BoldNet Neo/BoldNet Mobile

If you’ve ever though mobile technology was only a small part of our lives, consider this new information from Pew Research:

  • Over three quarters of Americans (77%) now own a smartphone. That’s more than double the number reported in 2011.
  • Ownership of smart phones is growing quickly among older generations. Now, 74% of adults 50 and older are smartphone users, up 16 percent since 2015.
  • The popularity of tablets is on the rise too, with 51% of Americans owning a tablet, up from 3% just seven years ago.

So why do these statistics matter? Because the world increasingly views both their personal and business lives from a mobile device. In fact, a full third of consumers now use mobile devices as their sole source for reading email and over one-third of website visits are made on a mobile device. Because of this increasing popularity, Bold understands our customers have dealers and subscribers that use these mobile devices to manage their business. BoldNet Neo was developed to be the mobile solution to meet their needs.

BoldNet Neo is Bold’s newest web access system for Manitou, built with a completely new interface that works with any mobile device. Of the many new upgrades for this product, the most important is speed. Because we developed Boldnet Neo using HTML5 instead of Silverlight, users now experience a much faster speed in comparison to the previous Silverlight client. BoldNet Neo also offers a better visual design and a customizable home screen which provides key statistics for dealers. Finally, creating a new customer record in BoldNet Neo is now easier with a step-by-step Customer Wizard.

Other new features of BoldNet Neo include:

  • A comprehensive layout which makes data easier to find and update.
  • Inline searching on contacts, programming, activity, etc.
  • Inline editing to schedules
  • Help text included with options
  • Easy access to on-test and customer status

In addition to BoldNet Neo, Bold has a mobile app to give dealers and technicians streamlined access to accounts. With BoldNet Mobile, users have quick access to common activities such as viewing account status, placing accounts on and off test, and looking up customer information. BoldNet Mobile was also developed with HTML5 for better speed. It’s available in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Both BoldNet Neo and BoldNet Mobile are available now for Bold customers. If you are interested in learning more about either of these products, please contact us for information!