Product Launch: Sedona-X Mobile for Business Management

Introducing Sedona-X™ Mobile, the future of mobile app accounting and business management software!

Sedona-X Mobile integrates with AlarmBiller, the #1 alarm billing software for security dealers, to provide you with complete customer, financial, and billing management capabilities in the field. Sedona-X Mobile gives users full account visibility, allows for on-the-go appointment scheduling, and keeps proposals, work orders, and invoices at your fingertips.

Remote Payments Are Here

Sedona-X Mobile offers PCI-compliant, in-field payment processing with eDynamo, an optional Bluetooth credit card reader from Forte®. No more scribbling down credit card info on the nearest available paper (while risking your customers’ privacy). This new payment feature will help you increase revenue and productivity.

All the Features You Need While On the Go

From Sedona-X Mobile’s dashboard, you can view your schedule, including appointments, tasks, and work order lists. Personalize your calendar view to fit your needs by day, week, work week, or month, then filter for proposals, sales appointments, work orders, and more. Sedona-X Mobile can also help you manage your team more effectively: schedule tech appointments, manage dispatch and arrivals, and assign tasks and work orders. For added business management capabilities, integrate AlarmBiller’s time and attendance tools to track hours, approve time off, and utilize other team management offerings.

Designed with Security in Mind

You’ll feel secure with your company’s data inside Sedona-X Mobile’s built-in biometric security features, including Touch ID and Face ID for iOS and Fingerprint ID for Android.

With all of these unique features available in Sedona-X Mobile, it’s everything you have been hoping for in an accounting and business management mobile app. Learn how it can help your company.