New Features of ManitouNEO 2.1 – Part One

By Toby Prescott, Director of Development

ManitouNEO has been the most dramatic upgrade to our flagship product since its inception in 2002. It was released to customers at the beginning of 2017, and since then, I’ve enjoyed talking to our early adopters to get feedback on the features they find the most useful. From that feedback, the Bold development team has been diligently working on version 2.1, and we are excited about the new features that will be offered in the very near future! If you were at the Bold Users Conference, you already got to see a sneak peek of these features and improvements, but if not, over the next few weeks, I am presenting this blog series to discuss what updates have been made to the ManitouNEO product that will be available in the upcoming version.

This week, we are discussing Alarm Handling Improvements:

Customized alarm screens

Completely different alarm screen layouts are possible based on Event Categories. There are default required elements, but where they appear on the alarm screen and what additional content is displayed is now flexible. This allows very powerful customization of the information displayed to handle alarms of different natures faster and with less switching of screens.

Operator Alarm Takeover

This feature provides a way for one operator to takeover a currently unavailable alarm from another operator should the need arise. It will first request the alarm from the other operator and then take it away if the request goes unanswered or if the other operator approves the takeover.

Operator takeover

Alarm Queue “Sticky” Filters

When the alarm queue filter is applied, it becomes sticky for your session. This means when you return to the queue from another screen, your custom filter remains in place. It can be easily cleared back to default settings if desired.

Assign Tracking on Logout

It will now be possible to pass a current user’s tracking to another user upon shift change. The transfer of tracking is based on workstation ID. The user on the intended destination workstation is also shown if they are currently logged in. This allows operators to deterministically hand off tracking for accounts they were working on before they log off a specific workstation.

Priority-based Alarm Event Audio Alert

It is possible to add custom sounds for alarm events through the Supervisor workstation. These sounds can now also be tied to specific priority buckets. The highest priority alarm in the queue controls the sound that will play.

Priority Based Alarm Event

Next week, we’ll look at the Information Improvements that have been made to ManitouNEO 2.1.