Leveraging SedonaWeb 2 to Improve Customer Service

As a business owner, you appreciate your customers and want to offer them the best service possible. You also have limited staff resources who often are swamped with calls all day from customers needing copies of invoices, checking when their service appointment is taking place, wanting to make a payment or other account needs. If you could remove some of those extra calls and still provide your customers with exemplary service, would it be worth it to give your staff more time to attend to other priorities?

Meet SedonaWeb 2

SedonaWeb 2 is a versatile Ecommerce web portal that allows your customers to easily and securely access their account online, vastly reducing the need for them to contact your staff for routine and time-consuming requests. With SedonaWeb 2, your customers can pay their invoices, set up payments, manage service requests, and more – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

An extension of your business

SedonaWeb 2 can be linked right to your website and branded with your logo and colors. When your customers click through to the portal, there’s no differentiation – all they see is your company. The portal is fully integrated with your SedonaOffice software; your database is automatically updated with every customer change and request, eliminating extra data entry for your staff.  SedonaWeb 2 also gives you the ability to upload documents such as contracts, monitoring agreements, contact lists, collection notices, etc., to provide you easy electronic accountability and document management.

Clear communication with your customers

SedonaWeb 2 provides exceptional user experience and enhances your customer relationship by making it easier for your customers to do business with you.  Upon login, your customers can view their account documents, including contracts, invoices, and notices, and upload documents of their own. They can make payments at any time, set up PCI-compliant credit card and ACH payment options, and sign up for autopay. They can also submit maintenance and service tickets that upload directly to your SedonaOffice software. This is an effective form of communication between your customers and your business while maintaining clear records of all service requests.

There are even more benefits for both you and your customers from SedonaWeb 2 that are worth a closer look. Enhance your security business with a professional customer portal that sets you apart from your competitors, improves your customers’ experience, and increases retention. Contact Bold Group to learn more today.