Halloween Safety Tips

by Alice Coles, Motion Graphics Designer

Halloween is finally here, and kids everywhere are knocking on door after door, showing off their costumes, and asking for candy. Now, most of us know that the easiest way to be the best Halloween home on the block is to shell out for full-sized candy bars, there are some other things you can do to the safest one, too! It’s important to protect the safety both of your home, and the trick or treaters who are visiting it, so we’ve compiled some Halloween safety tips for you to remember tonight!

  • When preparing for the evening, make sure to put your car and any other valuables in the garage, and secure the door.
  • Disable any sprinklers you might have, or else your visitors may get more of a trick than a treat!
  • Clear your home of any tripping hazards, like ice, leaves, or children’s toys.
  • If you are lighting the pathway, make sure to use battery lit lanterns. Candles are pretty, but Halloween costumes can easily brush up against them and catch fire!
  • When you’re choosing candy, be aware of common allergens, like peanuts, and watch for choking hazards.
  • After sunset, keep your home brightly lit, both inside, and outside. This helps kids see where they’re going – and it will help deter anyone who may be looking to take advantage of the holiday. When you’re finished, turn off your porch light, but keep your inside lights on, so it’s apparent that someone is at home and awake.
  • Along with this, make sure to keep your doors and windows locked, and always lock the front door in between trick-or-treaters. Alternatively, you can sit outside your door to eliminate opening your door entirely.
  • Make sure that all your furry friends are safe and secure inside and can’t get to the front door. All the chaos and costumes can be confusing and scary for our animal friends, and many children can be allergic to or scared of animals. Keep them both happy by giving your pet a nice, animal-friendly Halloween treat in another room.

These Halloween safety tips are simple, but they help eliminate a lot of stress and will make your night a great experience for everyone. We even made a cute video about them to help you remember! We hope you have a safe and spooky Halloween!