Get to Know Managely, Our New Business Management Solution that Changes How You Look at Your Business

two people working at a computer with managely

Bold Group is excited to introduce Managely™, our brand-new business management solution that changes how you look at your business and helps you proactively drive profitability and growth.

We know you need comprehensive tools that give you visibility into the health of your business and help you manage your business better now, and in the future.

That’s why we built Managely. Our new business management platform puts robust data and business intelligence at your fingertips and is packed with tools that help you streamline operations, reduce costs, increase productivity, and optimize cashflow.

Save time by managing key functions from one platform

How many programs and applications are you running side-by-side just to manage your business’ daily operations? What if you could eliminate most of those and manage key functions from one software platform?

Now you can do that with Managely. A single, consolidated platform gives you the tools and functionality you need to run your business—accounting, billing, inventory, field service management, customer management, central station integration, reporting, and more.

Support your growth with a modern tech stack and sleek UI

Managely is the software of the future. It gets you the business management tools you need, powered by a modern tech stack that gives you flexibility and supports your growth. And the brand-new, sleek UI/UX design we introduced in Managely makes the platform easy, and enjoyable, to use.

A core piece of the UI design is executive and role-based dashboardsthat can be configured by role, brand, and company. These dashboards bring data to life so you can better see and understand the health of your business.

Make better decisions with Microsoft® PowerBI Business Intelligence

We know you need instant access to insights that drive decision-making and tools that enable you to see business challenges and opportunities.

That’s why we embedded Microsoft® PowerBI—the best business intelligence and data visualization tool on the market—directly into the Managely platform.

Why is this a big deal? It takes your business from descriptive analysis—understanding what’s happened in the past—to predictive and prescriptive analysis, which means understanding future outcomes and what course of action to take now.

Engage customers and drive organic growth through reviews

Managely integrates with pulseM®, an online review management platform that helps you connect with customers and drive organic growth. Share technician bios with customers and automatically invite customers to post reviews.

Since online reviews drive organic growth, and increased engagement leads to more satisfied customers, pulseM offers a valuable tool to strength your reputation and brand.

Evolve with our ecosystem of best-in-class partner integrations

Managely is designed to be flexible, to grow and evolve as you do. A more open API and preferred partner ecosystem puts the power of choice in your hands and means you can configure the solution to meet the specific needs of you and your customers.

Take advantage of best-of-breed solutions through integrations with tools such as WeSuite, Forte and Sebis to make your software work harder for you and meet your needs as you grow.

Drive efficiencies with software built for security businesses

We understand the needs of the security industry are unique. We know your business depends on recurring revenue and that having tools to measure and maximize recurring monthly revenue (RMR) are central to your success. Managely is built specifically to help you automate more processes and drive efficiencies across your business.

And this is all just a starting point. You’ll get an ever-expanding suite of features and functionality through planned product releases.

Managely is available right now as a SaaS product, and coming soon as an on-premises solution.

Want to learn more about how Managely helps you streamline and gives you greater visibility into the health of your business? Schedule a demo to learn more about this new business management solution from Bold Group.