I Chose Manitou Cloud Services…Now What?

So you’ve done your research, looked at the options, and ultimately decided Bold’s cloud-based solution is the best choice for your company. You’ve signed on the dotted line, but what happens next?

First things first! You will be introduced to your Project Manager, the Bold employee who will be your dedicated point of contact through the entire implementation process. Your first conversation with them will be to clarify various points of your project in order to start it on the right track. Your Project Manager will also send you a customer questionnaire for Manitou Cloud Services, to collect additional technical information important to starting your implementation.

Upon receipt of your completed Manitou Cloud Services customer questionnaire, you will receive a call from a Cloud Engineer to discuss the information and begin your technical set up. This is a multi-step process, some of which may not apply to your specific implementation:

  • Data Conversion:
    • Data will be reviewed regularly to ensure your satisfaction.
    • During this time, signaling should be run in parallel with your existing alarm automation system
  • Receiver Set up
    • We will connect and test the physical receivers, along with System IV set up and testing.
    • DNIS, Profiles, and IP Cards will be set up
  • Phone number porting to Bold will be scheduled
  • Your server will be set up with Manitou installed
  • Your VPN will be set up
  • The Manitou client will be installed
  • During this time, you and your staff should be utilizing the BoldGenius eLearning tool, and undergoing any additional training you have purchased to become comfortable with Manitou.
  • Connections, signaling, and redundancy will all be tested for proper functionality

Once the technical implementation has been completed and fully tested, your phone lines and numbers will be transferred to the Bold servers, and, once all functionality has been verified, you will be live on your cloud-based solution. Welcome to Manitou Cloud Services!