Bringing Operational Excellence to Your Business

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Operational Excellence has many definitions, but the Business Dictionary might just say it best: “Operational Excellence is a philosophy of the workplace where problem-solvingteamwork, and leadership results in the ongoing improvement in an organization.”

Last year, Bold Technologies added a new facet of training designed specifically for the needs of the security industry. We saw how many of our customers faced similar challenges in their company, and how achieving higher standards in all aspects of their business was an issue many companies wanted to address. Bold developed the Operational Excellence program as a result of this need.

The Operational Excellence program helps companies take full advantage of features in Manitou which can benefit their customers and operations. They learn how to do more with the resources they have and enable their staff to be ready and available for every customer’s needs. But it is not just about the software. Operational Excellence looks at the company as a whole and provides a course to help it improve on multiple levels.

Each participating company is assigned a dedicated Operational Excellence Specialist who has experience in the security industry and their business operations. They begin by taking a close look at the company’s current state. They analyze the standard practices, look at business logistics, and spend time with management discussing plans and goals, making recommendations along the way. For the next step, the specialist spends a week on site, observing operations, meeting with key decision makers, training staff, and formulating a plan of action for the company to use moving forward. After the visit, the Operational Excellence Specialist continues to have regular check-ins with management to gauge their progress.

The Operational Excellence process focuses on developing the overall health of each participating company, with an emphasis on keeping employees positive and empowered, and continually improving the processes in the workplace. In turn, the employees stay focused on serving customers to better meet their needs.

The Operational Excellence program has already been successful for a number of Bold customers. As an investment, the program pays for itself if a company retains a single employee for just one year. Engaging your staff keeps them invested in the goals of the company and helps them turn dissatisfied customers into your advocates. If your company could benefit from this personalized, focused program, contact your Bold account executive for more details.