“Automagic” Alarm Handling with Manitou

by guest blogger Steve Carlin, Senior QA Engineer

Arthur C. Clarke stated, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

In the age of the Cloud, many people have no understanding of how the technology they rely on each day works, and most don’t care. The important thing to them is that it just “automagically” works. We want our home automation to function like the Jetson’s and our security systems to vigilantly protect us while being seamless and unobtrusive. The average homeowner doesn’t want to know all of the details of how their home is being monitored, but instead they want to be confidently reassured that it is fully protected at a reasonable price. Business owners are no different. They need the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone else is protecting their goods and services.

Today’s security conscious home and business owners rely on their security provider, and their security provider relies on Bold Technologies’ alarm monitoring software to manage it. Whether you are protecting a single business or 1,000 homes, you need a system that can handle it all.

This is where Bold’s newest version of Manitou will exceed your expectations.

Manitou will offer a responsive and intuitive web interface which allows easier management and more efficient alarm handling from multiple devices. You’ll no longer be tied to a particular workstation. Just load your browser and start managing your customers and handling their alarms. One of the new features we’ll be presenting is a streamlined Customer Wizard which will save you time (and money) by reducing the time it takes to handle your basic data entry tasks. Less time spent on data entry allows more time to spend on actually addressing customer requests.

Our users have spoken, and we’ve listened. We’ve reevaluated every aspect of our software, looking for ways to improve the workflow, interface, and efficiency of the system. We’ve taken that information and built Manitou, the right app for your needs.

This is the way alarm handling and customer management should be done.