A Closer Look at Bold’s Training

When you select Manitou as your alarm monitoring software of choice, there are many departments within Bold Technologies with an action plan to get you up and running as soon as possible. But one of the most important departments you should become familiar with is training. We believe our alarm monitoring training is one of the most important things you can engage in to support your business. Efficient monitoring starts with a well-trained staff!

Bold has a number of excellent resources in place for your training needs. The BoldGenius Learning Portal is the perfect place to start. All Bold customers have access to this state-of-the-art hub, which supports your company supervisors and gives them the ability to set up user accounts for their staff. They can then assign appropriate training to each individual, whether it’s self-directed, instructor-led, or a full online course. As training commences, the supervisors can create customized reports based on their staff’s results. Not only is it a great starting point for training, but it also helps staff keep their skills up to date! In addition, the Bold Learning Portal features an array of free training resources. In fact, we recommend all customers begin with the basics in BoldGenius, to be as prepared as possible for when it is time for them to go live with Manitou. This way, when your Bold Training Specialist arrives at your site, you have as much knowledge as possible, and are ready to learn some of the higher-level abilities of your new software.

Bold offers several, higher-level training solutions as well, one of the most popular being our specialized training courses in our Colorado Springs Training Facility. For two days, you receive focused, hands-on training from our experienced instructors in a small classroom environment. Available courses include Central Station Manager, Manitou System Manager, and Manitou Database Administrator. On-site training is also available at your location, conducted by a Bold Training Specialist who can work with your staff to meet their desired objectives. We recently started our Operational Excellence training program, which looks at not only your Manitou system, but your company as a whole. The Operational Excellence program focuses on ways to improve efficiency and customer service through the features of your software and the workplace environment you provide for your employees.

Perhaps some of the most well-rounded training you can receive is at our annual Bold Users Conference. This three day event happens every August, and covers a variety of topics for most of your staff, from CEO’s and presidents to managers and IT professionals. Each year features courses pertaining to Manitou, other features from Bold and their partners, and the security industry in general. However, some of the most valuable training at the Users Conference comes via networking! Meeting other professionals and learning from each other is one of the top benefits, according to our attendees. You can find out more about the 2016 conference here.

Bold Technologies feels that training is one of the most important resources we have to offer our customers, and we are committed to providing and upgrading the alarm monitoring training tools your company needs to have a successful experience with your Manitou system!