Manitou Elite Certification

Motivate Your Staff, Get More From Your Monitoring Operations, and Maximize Your Success.

What does it mean to be Elite? Merriam-Webster defines Elite as “the best of a class.” The focus of the Manitou Elite Certification program is to make your business exceptional, so your monitoring center dominates the competition.

A Dedicated Resource

Our Manitou Elite Certification Mentor will meet with you to determine your pain points and goals and create a customized plan based around your business.

On-Site Review

Your Manitou Elite Certification Mentor observes your operations, builds a specialized plan based on your needs and their observations, and conducts training with key staff to set you off on the right foot.

Ongoing Assistance

Your Manitou Elite Certification Mentor remains a resource for additional training, to discuss challenges, and to help you identify new opportunities for improvement.

Manitou elite certification

A CUSTOMER’S Improvements

Making small changes during the mentor’s visit resulted in immediate business impacts.

Revamped Processes

Alarm handling processes received an overhaul and are now clear and defined.

Operator Success

Operators are more confident in their positions and make fewer mistakes.

Call Volume Testing

The team began investigating solutions to the volume of customer testing calls.

Standard Operating Procedures Refinement

Reviewed and reworked the Standard Operating Procedures and presented these updates to the operators, clarifying the work and their roles.

Manual Processes Reduced

The team eliminated the number of manual and paper-driven processes which reduced “busy work,” and significantly improved operator efficiency.

Alarm Review and Daily Reporting Simplified

It is now possible to effectively review alarms previously dispatched, and the daily reporting contains only those events that require follow up.

“We liked having a person here who observed how we work and then created a game plan detailing the changes we can make to be more efficient.”
– Alarms Unlimited

We’re there with you Through
The Certification Process

Monitoring Centers
Report More than


Turnover Rate
Each Year

Improve Operator Retention

On average, monitoring centers report a 25-33% turnover rate each year; some have an attrition rate of over 50% per year! Training new operators costs your company $8,000 – $25,000 per person, which doesn’t even include the cost of lost productivity.

The Manitou Elite Certification will benefit your company with significant cost savings by lowering operator attrition when you apply the principles of this program.

Accomplish Up To


More When They Have Clear,
Defined Goals

Establish Measurable Metrics

Studies show that people accomplish up to 10 times more when they have clear, defined goals. When you establish a baseline and identify clear metrics, you will see an increase in productivity. In addition, you can accurately measure how well your processes and people are performing.

The Manitou Elite Certification will help your team establish clearly defined goals with accurate metrics, so you can capitalize on the processes which yield the greatest results. This focus gives you a better insight on how your company is performing as a whole.

Recent Studies
Show Nearly


Of Employees
Are Disengaged

Increase Operator Engagement

Recent studies show nearly 75% of employees are disengaged. Employees who are disengaged make more mistakes. In this critical industry, it is important to reduce mistakes as they can cost lives and severely damage the company’s reputation.

The Manitou Elite Certification will help your team clearly define processes and procedures, so your operators will gain confidence in the work they perform each day. This focus benefits your company by increasing operator engagement and decreasing errors.

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