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Bold Group Observes Cybersecurity Month

Colorado Springs, CO – Bold Group, the leading provider of alarm monitoring and business management software for the security industry, is pleased to be presenting a combination of educational opportunities during the month of October in observation of Cybersecurity Month.

Cybersecurity continues to be a high priority for companies and individuals alike, as cybercriminals develop more sophisticated methods of accessing and extracting data. Viruses and malware are more insidious and harder to detect than ever before, and a cybersecurity plan is now just as essential to a company strategy as a business plan.

Over the course of the month, Bold Group will share cybersecurity information in a variety of platforms: a blog series from VP of Technology, Matt Narowski, a series of webinars: “Coffee with Manitou,” “Sedona Seminars,” and “AlarmBiller Afternoons,” and social media links to different articles on cybersecurity safety. Bold Group customers will also hear more about the advanced security features already in place in our hosted Cloud platforms, Manitou Cloud Services and SedonaCloud, and hear about the additional security steps we have taken to protect our customers’ data and business.

For questions or information about Bold Group’s Cybersecurity Month plans, please contact Director of Marketing Tiffany Coles at 719.358.4719.

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October 02, 2018

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