Increase profitability and efficiency in your central station or control center with our full range of automation solutions available both Cloud-Based and on-premises.

Physical Security Information Management software


Integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices through Physical Security Information Software. Manage data and respond to incidents across multiple facilities and locations and streamline operational expenses by reducing hardware requirements, improving resource allocations and decreasing labor costs.

alarm monitoring software from the cloud

Cloud Automation

Hosted platforms are creating new growth opportunities for central stations of all sizes. Designed to provide alarm monitoring centers  with the necessary infrastructure to operate their alarm center through a secure online interface, Cloud services provide an  ideal solution for many central stations.

central station software

Central Station

Our UL approved application is designed to expand and adapt as your business grows and technology changes. Bold’s alarm monitoring software provides step-by-step instructions for handling alarms, flexible scheduling options, powerful reporting, and open standards for easy integration of new technologies.





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Get Bold NotifyMe!

Bold’s newest app, Bold NotifyMe, is now available.

Bold NotifyMe notifies users of alarm occurrences via push notification, and gives them the ability to verify the occurrence, then confirm or cancel it.

Bold NotifyMe was created to replace the use of SMS as an alarm notification mechanism and increase the interaction users have with their security system.

Click here to read the Bold NotifyMe press release.

“The primary reason we chose Bold was because of their people. We knew they had the best technology, but they also have talented people who care about our success. Bold Technologies is head and shoulders above the rest.”

Wayne E. “Trey” Alter III

President, CEO

“When we moved to Manitou, we looked around to make sure we were making the right decision. It was clear that Bold is the right company to be with. We know they are going to be here and they are at the top of the industry”

Robert A. Bonifas

President, CEO

“What sets Bold Technologies apart is their demonstrated commitment to our partnership. They are truly interested in Security Partners’ future and long-term success. We certainly made the right decision coming to Bold.”

Michael Bodnar


“The UniversalConnector makes it possible for us to manage multiple products and services through one event monitoring platform. Manitou is the core for Interface to ‘Simplify To The Power of One’.”t.”

Dan Reynolds

Senior VP Customer Operations


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