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alarm monitoring software from the cloud

Cloud Automation

Hosted platforms are creating new growth opportunities for central stations of all sizes. Designed to provide alarm monitoring centers  with the necessary infrastructure to operate their alarm center through a secure online interface, Cloud services provide an  ideal solution for many central stations.

Physical Security Information Management software


Integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices through Physical Security Information Software. Manage data and respond to incidents across multiple facilities and locations and streamline operational expenses by reducing hardware requirements, improving resource allocations and decreasing labor costs.

central station software

Central Station

Our UL approved application is designed to expand and adapt as your business grows and technology changes. Bold’s alarm monitoring software provides step-by-step instructions for handling alarms, flexible scheduling options, powerful reporting, and open standards for easy integration of new technologies.

ESX 2016, Booth #229

Find Bold Technologies in Booth #229 on the ESX Exhibition Floor, June 8th-9th.

Bold Technologies is also hosting an Exhibitor Led Training Course on Wednesday, June 8th at 10:00am. Attend our course to learn about Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Hosted Solutions. 

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2016 Bold Users Conference

The Bold event of the year is taking place August 9th-11th at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, CO.

The conference agenda is now available. Choose from over 50 classes and create a schedule that provides the most value for you. Tracks this year include Strategic Business, Operations, Technical, Phoenix, Interactive, Forum, and Industry.

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“The primary reason we chose Bold was because of their people. We knew they had the best technology, but they also have talented people who care about our success. Bold Technologies is head and shoulders above the rest.”

Wayne E. “Trey” Alter III – President, CEO

“When we moved to Manitou, we looked around to make sure we were making the right decision. It was clear that Bold is the right company to be with. We know they are going to be here and they are at the top of the industry”

Robert A. Bonifas – President and CEO


“What sets Bold Technologies apart is their demonstrated commitment to our partnership. They are truly interested in Security Partners’ future and long-term success. We certainly made the right decision coming to Bold.”

Michael Bodnar – President 

“When we made the choice to move to Manitou, we saw Bold Technologies as the clear picture to move forward. We have never been disappointed with our choice as Bold continues to be the leader in the industry.”

Brett Springall – CEO


“The UniversalConnector makes it possible for us to manage multiple products and services through one event monitoring platform. Manitou is the core for Interface to ‘Simplify To The Power of One’.”

Dan Reynolds – Senior VP Customer Operations


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