ManitouPSIM is powerful Physical Security Information Management software which integrates multiple unconnected security applications and devices to provide complete security control through a single platform.

ManitouPSIM accumulates the information from various devices and systems, and presents the relevant information in a comprehensive visual display, making it easier for operators to identify and verify threats, prioritize security incidents, and proactively resolve situations.

Integrated Security Intelligence

Analyze and correlate data to prioritize situations and provide response based on the specific incident and threat level.

Detailed Reporting Options

Track information for compliance reporting and investigative analysis. Assess incident response for process review and training.

Measurable Cost Reductions

Minimize potential loss through proactive action and faster response. Reduce hardware requirements and improve resource allocation.

PSIM Sees Your Security as a Whole

ManitouPSIM delivers intelligent security effective for both incident management and day-to-day security operations. It manages the data produced by various security applications and correlates it to deliver physical security information.

Response actions are coordinated for a consistent and appropriate response across multiple facilities and locations. Visual workflows are based on guided situational choices, automated tasks and dynamic instructions.

PSIM software in action
PSIM software

Integrated for Intelligence

ManitouPSIM uses a wide variety of integrated technologies to obtain the information for generating intelligent choices, including:

  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV
  • Fire Detection
  • GIS Mapping Systems
  • Large-Scale Displays
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems
  • Video Analytics
  • Audio/Video Door Communication
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Building Management Systems

Is ManitouPSIM Right for You?

Use ManitouPSIM when you want a comprehensive, single platform to manage multiple devices and technologies. The PSIM solution is ideal for organizations with several facilities or with one complex site with multiple buildings. ManitouPSIM will also prioritize situations based upon the incident and threat level and display the Workflows accordingly.

Physical Security Information Management

Powerful Physical Security Information Management Software


Integrated Security Intelligence

Data is received from multiple unconnected systems and stored in a centralized location. ManitouPSIM analyzes and correlates the data to prioritize situations accordingly and provide the correct action based upon the specific incident and threat level.


Comprehensible Visual Display

Relevant situation information is presented in an intelligible visual format to quickly verify the situation. Operators receive clear instructions based on Standard Operating Procedures for proper resolution of the event based upon organizational policies.


Detailed Reporting Options


Information is tracked for compliance reporting and investigative analysis. Detailed accountability and management reports are included as standard features. Incident response can be assessed for process review and training purposes.


Measurable Cost Reductions


Minimizing potential loss through proactive action and faster response yields recognizable cost savings. Streamline operational expenses by reducing hardware requirements, improving resource allocation, and decreasing labor costs.

See it in action

Learn why some of the largest central stations use Manitou to power their business and protect over 10 Million customers worldwide. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to show you ManitouPSIM in action.

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