Powerful Alarm Monitoring Software...Now Without the Expensive Hardware Cost Hosted in a UL Certified Data Center

Access the full power of ManitouNEO or ManitouPSIM with less cost and maintenance headaches. Manitou Cloud Services provides customers with the necessary infrastructure to operate their alarm center, either in part or in entirety, through a secure online interface. Bold is partnered with two industry-leading telecommunications companies, OneTel and Communication Service Solutions, to provide a stronger and more comprehensive solution for monitoring centers of all sizes.

A Complete Monitoring Center

Manitou Cloud Services includes ManitouNEO alarm automation software, PBX, receivers, and telecom lines, housed in a UL-Certified data center.


For monitoring centers who have specific Cloud needs, such as telecom-only or software-only, there are multiple package options available to fit your requirements.

Less Start-Up Costs

New central stations receive alarm automation software and most of their infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of an on-premises platform.


Because the infrastructure is already complete and UL-certified, a Manitou Cloud Services solution can be installed and receiving alarms in a fraction of the time required for an on-premises solution.


Existing central stations can meet UL 827 redundancy requirements without purchasing additional services and equipment.

Disaster Recovery

Expand your disaster recovery with a second monitoring station, with only a minimal investment of the basic physical room requirements.

Manitou Cloud Services

Find the Manitou Cloud Services package to fit your needs

MCS | PaaS

(Platform as a Service) This complete package provides all the technological infrastructure and software needed for your central station, including ManitouNEO or ManitouPSIM, servers, receivers, PBX, and telecom lines.

MCS | SaaS

(Software as a Service) A package for businesses who already have receivers and telecom lines they wish to utilize. Only servers and software are provided in the Cloud.

MCS | Bold Cloud Receiver

(Infrastructure as a Service) A package for those who prefer to keep their servers and database on-site, and avoid additional infrastructure costs for receivers and telecom.

MCS | DR 90/10

Use the Cloud for a DR solution to meet your UL 827 secondary site requirements. This package allows you to run 10% of your signals through the Cloud with immediate failover for the other 90% in the event of an emergency.


A Disaster Recovery solution which keeps your data replicated in the Cloud for failover in the event of an emergency.

Not Just Alarm Monitoring

Manitou Cloud Services is unique in the security industry due to its extensive functionality. Virtually the entire ManitouNEO product line can be supported in our hosted environment, including the popular Bold MediaGateway, TwoWayVoice, BoldTrak, BoldNet NEO, and the UniversalConnector. Anything you can do with ManitouNEO on-premises software can also be managed through the Manitou Cloud Services platform, for a fully incorporated solution. Through solid integrations with our leading industry partners, users also have the option to add video from I-View Now and accounting capabilities via SedonaCloud.
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Your Data Is Well Protected

Manitou Cloud Services resides in a fully-staffed, 24/7, SSAE 16 Type II, HIPAA compliant redundant data center. It is centrally located between the east and west coasts in the state of Colorado, and meets all of the UL requirements for power, telephony, receivers, HVAC, and fire suppression.
Bold’s data center is equipped with advance technology and hardware, a facility-wide UPS, automatic fire suppression, and multiple tier one internet carriers via BGP4. In addition, it features redundant cooling, HVAC, and generators, and a redundant network. Because the physical location also experiences an extremely low number of natural disasters, the Manitou Cloud Services is a safe and reliable location for your data to reside.

Industry-Leading Partnerships

To provide a stronger and more comprehensive hosted solution, Bold Technologies partnered with two industry-leading telecommunication companies, One-Tel and Communication Service Solutions.
Through these partnerships, inbound telephone calls are routed to an IP phone through a VPN connection. Alarm traffic is routed over four major telecom carriers, and received at two geographically diverse Point of Presence (POP) locations.
Through Bold’s partnerships with CSS and One-Tel, a central station utilizing Manitou Cloud Services will only require minimal infrastructure in their physical building and they are guaranteed the highest quality of service and protection.
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See it in action

Learn why some of the largest central stations use Manitou to power their business and protect over 10 Million customers worldwide. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to show you Manitou Cloud Services in action.

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