Growing Your Monitoring Business with stages® and

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Alarm monitoring operations can be complex and challenging – even more so during these uncharted times, we are experiencing with COVID-19. New challenges, new ways of working together, and the need to define new processes are causing inefficient operations, unconventional communications, and manual procedures. Technology upgrades and operational workflow can place a drain on already limited internal resources. The opportunity to expand into new markets could help fuel revenue growth and an increased subscriber base; however, it brings its own set of challenges. These are only a few of the complexities that dealers and monitoring centers face today among multiple other competing priorities. Finding new solutions to help drive operational efficiencies and increase revenue growth are not only needed but critical.

Leaders in Security Technology is one of the leading innovative security technology organizations and the platform of choice for many of the industry’s top residential and commercial security and smart home providers. The strategic value of shows as they expand with new devices, new sensors, and value-added tools for the dealer and consumer. They offer options for not just home and business security, but smart home automation, access control, energy management, wellness technology, and are well-positioned for new high-growth markets. Bold Group | stages® saw an opportunity to partner with their technology by being the first wholesale central station automation ecosystem to integrate with their platform.

A Powerful Integration Provides Opportunity for Business Growth

Together with, stages® software creates a complete, powerful integrated solution focused on the growth of your monitoring business. By optimizing your operational efficiency, and automating tasks, you can free up your time to address the other challenges your central station faces. stages® continues to innovate with superior customization capabilities and customizable dashboards while providing white glove customer service that remains second to none in the industry. The feature set of combined with the power of stages® provides an integral and necessary monitoring solution for any central station.

After moving to stages®, revenue growth for multiple companies grew by over 10% annually, bringing new opportunities and accounts to their organization. Leverage the power of stages® with to help enhance your operations and boost the bottom line of your central station.

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