Retail Loss Prevention Software to Keep People and Merchandise Secure

Retail Security Software

Retail environments vary from independent, locally-owned stores to large international retailers, but every retail location shares a primary concern: protecting valuable assets, including both people and goods.

ManitouNEO event monitoring software is flexible enough to address security issues for retailers of all sizes. ManitouNEO combines traditional security, such as fire and intrusion, with video and access control to secure high-value inventory, and protect multiple locations including offices, storage rooms, and warehouses.


Monitor your entire facility through one platform to increase security and reduce administrative workload.


Extend traditional security with automated emergency response to protect customers and employees.


Reduce shrinkage, lower administrative workloads, and optimize operations through internal security monitoring.

State of the Art Technology

The technology driving ManitouNEO is the most advanced and innovative in the security software industry. Here are just a few of the numerous features in the ManitouNEO event monitoring software that will benefit your retail business:

Web Browser Technology

Dynamic Customer Wizard

Enhanced Action Patterns

Interactive Communication Center

Built-in Dashboard

Video Control Center

Remote Access

Save Money with Retail Loss Prevention Software Hosted in the Cloud

Access the full power of ManitouNEO with less hardware and maintenance costs. Manitou Cloud Services provides the necessary infrastructure to monitor your property through a secure online interface.

Bold hosts the major necessary hardware in our UL-certified data center, including the server, PBX, receivers, and telecom lines. Your hardware investment is minimal; with little more than a computer, phone, and internet connection, you’ll be able to monitor alarms with the same functionality as our on-premises software.

Protect your business with command center software


Integrates with multiple security products including fire, intrusion, access control, and more

Monitor your warehouse and other facilities with fully integrated video surveillance

Utilize the flexible scheduling options to know when your employees are in the building

Automatically generate alarm events for an Unscheduled Open/Close or Late Open/Close

See it in action

Learn how our retail partners use Manitou to power their business and protect their customers, employees, and assets. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to show you Manitou in action.