Bring your event monitoring in-house with ManitouNEO and protect your learning environment while saving money.

Today’s educational organizations face unique security challenges. Protecting the safety of students and faculty is critical. With ManitouNEO, you can quickly respond to emergency situations including fire, theft, and medical emergencies. The software also integrates with multiple campus security products, so you can monitor campus operations, proactively prepare for security incidents and increase your overall campus security, all while saving valuable dollars within your budget.

Integrate Multiple Security Technologies

Monitor your entire facility through one platform to increase security and reduce administrative workload.

Maintain a Quality Learning Environment

Extend traditional security with automated emergency response to protect students, faculty, and visitors.

Reduce Costs and Increase Control

Strengthen existing campus security and effectively manage resources with in-house alarm monitoring.

State of the Art Technology that Fits a School Budget

Students and educators pave the way for our future and they deserve to be protected by the best security available.
The technology driving ManitouNEO is the most advanced and innovative in the security software industry. Here are just a few of the features available in the standard ManitouNEO package designed to help you quickly assess critical situations, provide faster response, and improve communication during emergencies.
  • Enhanced Action Patterns with logic-based workflows for situational event response
  • Interactive Communication Center to centralize communication channels
  • Built-in Dashboard with customizable graphical displays of essential informatio
central station software
advanced cloud alarm monitoring

Keep Your ManitouNEO system in-house or host it in our UL-Listed Data Center

Access the full power of ManitouNEO with less hardware and maintenance costs. Manitou Cloud Services provides the necessary infrastructure to monitor your property through a secure online interface.
Bold hosts the major necessary hardware in our UL-certified data center, including the server, PBX, receivers, and telecom lines. Your hardware investment is minimal; with little more than a computer, phone, and internet connection, you’ll be able to monitor alarms with the same functionality as our on-premises software.
Learn more about Manitou Cloud Services here

Software for Campus Security


ManitouNEO delivers alarm monitoring software to speed response to fire, theft, and campus emergencies


An open platform solution which can interface to communications systems for mass notifications


Multi-faceted to protect people, classrooms, dormitories, parking lots, equipment, and much more


Fully scalable with options to address your unique security demands while meeting budget requirements

See it in action

Learn why some of the biggest schools and universities use Manitou to power their environment and protect over ten million customers worldwide. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to show you Manitou in action.

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