All the features you need to power your business. All in one place.

Still using multiple programs to handle your company’s accounting and operations? SedonaOffice eliminates the time wasted jumping back and forth between non-integrating platforms and streamlines internal processes by centralizing all facets of your business. Its seamless integration between modules makes cross-functional data accessible to those who need it – all in the same industry-leading software solution.

Core Modules

SedonaOffice and SedonaCloud come fully loaded with a suite of powerful tools to meet the needs of your entire organization. Explore the functionality of our standard core modules then imagine how they could take your business to the next level.


The Setup module is your gateway to SedonaOffice mastery. Change can be scary – especially when it comes to your business – but our Start-up Wizard will ease your fears in no time with a step-by-step guide to configuring the platform to fit YOUR organization perfectly.

Client Management

The Client Management module provides all the tools you need to take control of your customer base. Create new customers, manage collections, track cancellations, perform global or targeted RMR rate changes, and oversee your largest multi-site accounts with ease.


Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module saves time and eliminates human error with automated invoice management and processing. Use this feature to generate your recurring revenue invoices, track check processing, collect and monitor credit card and ACH payments, and more.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module simplifies payment management and tracking, allowing you to focus on generating revenue. The Purchase Order and Receipts utility automatically integrates the Inventory Management module to make processing and organizing your AP faster and more efficient. Pay bills, write checks, and complete vendor transactions in a single, secure location.

General Ledger

Processes all financial transactions in real-time allowing you to generate robust financial reports. Define your own accounting periods within the application for ultimate flexibility and easy data access. Track deferred revenue, reconcile bank accounts, audit GL account balances, and create one-time or recurring journal entries using the platform’s backbone module that first launched SedonaOffice to success.

Service & Inspections

The Service & Inspection Module centralizes the creation, scheduling, and dispatching of all service requests and inspections. Maintain warranty and service-level rate plans based on systems or parts, manage the complete workflow and status of open tasks, and keep detailed records of each job – including parts and inventory. Benefit from integration with Inventory and Accounts Receivable.

Job Management

The Job Management module enables you to fully control and monitor installations and Job Costing. Easily track expenses for each job including parts, labor, commissions, equipment, contractors, and overhead/burden allocation with the Job Costing utility, and utilize the integration between Job Management and Inventory Management to expense or hold parts in Work-in-Process until revenue is recognized.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module keeps track of all your parts down to the warehouse level. The feature supports unlimited warehouses, including vehicles, for ultimate flexibility and customization and integrates with a multitude of other modules to make ordering, tracking and invoicing for parts fast and easy.

Query Builders

The Query Builders module gives you quick access to customized data. With the standard  selection criteria and sorting tools, you can generate reports on every aspect of your business, including customer lists, open invoice aging, service analysis, and more. Then, take advantage of  the easy export function to format the information for Microsoft Excel, Access, and other data  mining tools.

Report Manager

The Report Manager module provides a window into your organization’s most critical metrics. From sales reports and financial statements to service management and job profitability analytics, this tool is all you need to simply and efficiently run diagnostics on every aspect of your business.

Dashboard & Analytics

The Dashboard & Analytics module offers a robust, customizable display of your company’s key metrics. An expansive library of graphs, charts, and other visualizations allows you to choose the way you view information, making it easier than ever to understand data trends and assess the  health of your business.