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Fully integrated modules to enhance your SedonaOffice experience by increasing efficiency, streamlining internal operations, and expediting cashflow.


SedonaOffice Add-on Modules


The SedonaWeb module allows customers to view and pay open invoices and manage service calls from anywhere with an internet connection. The online portal – populated with your logo and client information – provides added convenience for your customers while helping you get paid faster.


The eForms module speeds up cash flow and simplifies signature collection for contracts and proposals. Create custom forms, collect signatures in the field, and get paid faster with our premier, turnkey system to centralize and manage your signed documents.

Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance module provides an all-in-one solution for your employee management needs. Track hours logged by staff, easily send company payroll with the Excel export function, approve paid time off requests, and check in on workers in the field using the module’s geolocation feature.


The SedonaFSU module equips your technicians with the tools they need to efficiently manage their days in the field. With a single, easy-to-navigate tool, workers can remotely schedule and share itineraries, then keep track of appointments, parts usage, maps, and payment processing. Its automatic synchronization with SedonaOffice captures important information as it is entered from the field, therefore eliminating end-of-day paperwork, preventing wasted time, and dramatically reducing risk of human error.


The SedonaDocs module digitizes your records and houses former paperwork all in a secure, online environment. Immediately locate customer files, and prevent lost paperwork by storing all your information in a single, accessible-from-anywhere location. And in case you are concerned about unauthorized viewing, not to worry! We have you covered with customizable clearance levels that allow you to protect your data from unauthorized viewing.


The SedonaSync module makes it easy to share and centralize important SedonaOffice information, both internally and externally. Notify specific individuals or groups – from management, to staff, to customers, to memos and reminders just for you – with the push of a button. The timesaving tool uses real-time automation to share information with the people you want, when you want.

Sales Automation

The Sales Automation module streamlines your lead tracking and sales processes, enabling you to manage prospects from first contact through the time they sign on the dotted line. Use this powerful tool to monitor leads, create estimates, generate proposals, and collect electronic signatures, then watch as contacts are automatically converted to a customer in the SedonaOffice system when a sale is made.