Why do you need Disaster Recovery Services?


You live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.


You want to be prepared should your building experience a fire, major loss of power, or other issue that would disrupt your business.


You are a UL-listed monitoring center with specific redundancy requirements which must be met.

Creating a Disaster Recovery monitoring center from scratch is a complex process, from finding a geographically dispersed location, choosing a site, installing primary and secondary power systems, arranging appropriate internet and telecom, purchasing the servers, receivers, and other infrastructure, and more. If you are building a site to meet UL standards, the list of requirements becomes dauntingly long. Instead of investing all that time and money, take advantage of existing infrastructure that already meets all UL requirements for a DR location and utilize it to simplify the process
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Bold’s Manitou Cloud Services Disaster Recovery packages can be utilized with five simple steps:
  1. Choose the Manitou Cloud Services Disaster Recovery option that best fits your needs
  2. Choose the location. All you need to safely switch to your DR option is a room with basic operator infrastructure, including internet-ready PC’s, a receiver, and a phone, or “crash kits” with soft phones. Make sure you create an existing connection to Manitou Cloud Services so it is already in place in case of emergency.
  3. Establish criteria with CSS to ensure you will receive signals from Manitou immediately once the need arises.
  4. Establish criteria with OneTel or your telco provider to ensure your phone lines will be ported over once the need arises.
  5. Create a plan of action and share it with your entire staff so they are aware of the location and procedure should the occasion arise to use Disaster Recovery.

There are two Manitou Cloud Services Disaster Recovery options available:

MCS | DR 90/10

Ideal for UL-listed centers because it meets UL requirements for regular testing. Your DR is always “hot,” running 10% of your active signals. In case of emergency, you receive instantaneous failover of the other 90%. (note: customers must be using OneTel for this option.)


Ideal for “pre-planned” disaster recovery, such as an impending hurricane or approaching wildfire. Your data stays replicated in the Cloud for failover. Access to Manitou Cloud Services is instantaneous, but telco turnover can potentially take longer.

Fully Functional, wherever you are:

Manitou Cloud Services is unique in the security industry due to its extensive functionality. Even if your monitoring center utilizes ManitouNEO on-premises, all the same functionality can be supported from your Disaster Recovery location, including video, the Bold MediaGateway, TwoWayVoice, BoldTrak, and more.
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Your Data is Well Protected

Manitou Cloud Services resides in a fully-staffed, 24/7, SSAE 16 Type II, Level 4, redundant data center. It is centrally located between the east and west coasts in the state of Colorado, and meets all the UL requirements for power, telephony, receivers, HVAC, and fire suppression.
Bold’s data center is equipped with advance technology and hardware, a facility-wide UPS, automatic fire suppression, and multiple tier one internet carriers via BGP4. In addition, it features redundant cooling, HVAC, and generators, and a redundant network.

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