Professional Services

We are committed to providing the highest quality services to our customers. Our staff is invested in your success. We offer several professional services to help you achieve your goals in all aspects of your business.

Operational Excellence and Manitou Elite Certification

The Operational Excellence program is built around the principles of establishing processes and metrics, keeping employees positive and empowered, and being dedicated to meeting the customers’ needs. Businesses that complete the Operational Excellence program learn how to do more with their resources and enable their teams to be ready and available to meet any customer need.

The Manitou Elite Certification applies Manitou-specific training and processes to the core Operational Excellence Program. The focus of the Manitou Elite Certification Program is to apply the features of Manitou to your processes to make your business exceptional, so your monitoring center dominates the competition.

Improve Retention

On average, monitoring centers report a 25-33% turnover rate each year; some have an attrition rate of over 50% per year! Training new operators costs your company $8,000 – $25,000 per person, which doesn’t even include the cost of lost productivity.

The Manitou Elite Certification will benefit your company with significant cost savings by lowering operator attrition when you apply the principles of this program.

Increase Engagement

Recent studies show nearly 75% of employees are disengaged. Employees who are disengaged make more mistakes. In this critical industry, it is important to reduce mistakes as they can cost lives and severely damage the company’s reputation.

This program will help your team clearly define processes and procedures, so your operators will gain confidence in the work they perform each day; which increases engagement and decreases errors.

Establish Metrics

Studies show that people accomplish up to 10 times more when they have clear, defined goals. Establish a baseline and identify clear metrics, and you will see an increase in productivity. In addition, you can accurately measure the performance of your people and processes.

The Manitou Elite Certification will help your team establish clearly defined goals and metrics, and capitalize on the processes which yield the greatest results.

Dedicated Resource

Our Manitou Elite Certification Mentor will meet with you to determine your pain points and goals and to create a customized plan based around your business.

On-Site Review

Your Manitou Elite Certification Mentor observes your operations, builds a specialized plan based on your needs and their observations, and conducts training with key staff to set you off on the right foot.

Ongoing Assistance

Your Manitou Elite Certification Mentor remains a resource for additional training, to discuss challenges, and to help you identify new opportunities for improvement.

Data Conversion

Our data conversion team has over 40-years of combined experience and understands what it takes to move customer information from an existing system into Manitou and SedonaOffice. We have converted data from dozens of sources and we take the time to provide excellent service throughout.

At the onset of the project, the conversion team provides data analysis services to help ensure the data will take full advantage of the features that brought you to Manitou and SedonaOffice in the first place.
Our conversion specialists and product experts work in partnership with your team to review the data within your system. Our goal is to improve your data to better meet your business and customer needs.

Because we understand your database is the heart of your business, Bold guarantees that your data conversion will be done to your satisfaction, or there will be no charge.

Development Services

Customizing your system is as simple as defining the requirements and specifications and turning the work over to us. Our talented and experienced developers have completed hundreds of integration projects over the past thirty years. Updates are communicated throughout the project to help ensure the final product is delivered on time with the desired functionality.

We provide detailed quality assurance testing before release of the final product. Our portfolio includes both small and large development projects and ranges from writing database scripts to integration with video products.

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